Monday, 5 January 2015

A Look Back on 2014 and Look Forwards to 2015

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Sorry for the little blog break, but I really needed it. I really just wanted to spend some offline time with family and friends and not stress too much about what was happening online.

We had a great Christmas and New Year's but not without some usual stresses (you know like cooking the Christmas meal and where those pesky presents have gone, etc...).
Two happy Christmas elves!
Anyway, before it got too far along into the year I wanted to have a quick look back at 2014 and get some ideas going for 2015.

As I have previously posted, I absolutely love resolutions and love the idea of starting things a-fresh! In the words of Anne of Green Gables 'Everyday is fresh with no mistakes in it.' Don't get me wrong I think making mistakes is how we learn and grow but I just like the idea of waking up and having a clean slate sometimes.

So last year I made 5 resolutions:
1) Drink more water
2) Have more me time
3) Do more Pilates
4) Get back to my pre-baby weight
5) Spend more time on those who I care about and care about me

How did I do?

  • Well, I did end up drinking more water (although probably not as much as I should, it was progress!). 
  • I didn't get that much more me time but I am still working on that one. 
  • I did do Pilates every week until about April when I just couldn't make the class schedule work with mine. I did however venture to a new pilates studio to check it out and loved it, but again class scheduling wasn't on my side.
  • I did not even come close to getting my pre-baby weight back. I was the girl that worked out the hardest, most and best but I just couldn't get there and in fact I put on weight. I ended up calling it quits with my personal trainer which was one of the hardest calls I made all year and spent some time re-evaluating my fitness goals.
  • I think I did spend more time with people I really like this year and those people are fantastic. I met some amazing friends running and kept up with others that I do really care for both locally and abroad. 

So all in all a pretty decent year, resolutions-wise!

This year, you will be surprised to know...I have not made a single resolution (yet!). I have been really ill the last couple of weeks and so I have been focusing all my energy into getting well.

New Year's walk in the Peak District

Beautiful sunset, but tired and cold little man

I do have a few things in mind so I'll share those with you:
1) I'm seriously thinking about cleaning up my eating and have found Paleo eating might be for me. So once I am totally back up and well. I may ease myself into that.

2) Continue to re-evaluate my fitness goals but think I am looking at getting back into swimming, running and some gentle weights at the gym. Back to basics for me!

3) Say yes to help more often. I really need help sometimes. I wish I had more help. However, sometimes when I'm offered help I say NO!! Then I spend the rest of the day really disliking myself, why do I say no...I may be a tiny little control freak ;)

4) Get our house in order. Seriously our master bedroom looks like a scene out of Hoarders! I really need to get some things on ebay, get my wardrobe sorted, throw things away. I also want to continue work on our entryway (which had to be put on pause due to some financial restraints) and get some quotes on fencing in our garden.

Other than that, I'm just looking forward to a healthy and happy 2015 with fingers crossed lots of good things to come :)

Happy New Year! 

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