Friday, 20 March 2015

Eclipse, Rice Pudding and Bright Blusher! #littleloves

Another week has gone by quite quickly. After the challenging start to this week though, I am glad. I hate saying that because it seems as though I am wishing the week away and I definitely don't want to wish any time away, but when you have a tough day or week, it is so easy to wish for the weekend! ;)

So here are my little loves this week:

This week I finished the second in the Stephanie Plum series and moved on to the third book. So far so good and pretty funny as well. I did try to buy a couple of books this week but went to a small book shop in town and they didn't have them in, so I will have to wait on those for now. Admittedly, it is pretty rare when I actually buy a book these days as I am so in love with my Kindle (so handy!).

It may seem like an obvious answer but today I watched the eclipse! I didn't look directly at the sun but I did watch all the clouds and the sky turn darker than usual. I don't think it was exactly what I expected, as I thought it would go pitch black (like night) when the eclipse happened but it just looked a bit ominous like there was a storm coming. My husband took his camera out with him on his journey to work this morning so he might be able to show me some nice photos of it all.

Photo off Wikipedia 

I ran out of blusher this week and being desperate for some to brighten my ever pasty complexion I opted to make a quick trip to Boots and pick up Bourjois blusher in Rose de Jaspe. It smells lovely and is so pretty to look at in the container but WOW use a light handed approach when putting this on! My last blusher you really had to cake your brush with it to even notice a difference. This morning I very nearly left the house looking like a clown!! Once I toned it down, it was very pretty! :)

Annie Mac take over Zane Lowe's position as the evening DJ on Radio 1. I very rarely listen to the radio at that time of night, but I do on Thursdays when I drive to and from running club. I really liked Zane Lowe and was surprised to hear that he was leaving and then left. I like Annie Mac and so far I think she is doing alright, still finding her feet probably but so far so good!

Photo from BBC Radio 1
Yesterday I quickly made up a lovely rice pudding with some left over rice we had from one of our meals during the week. I didn't want to waste the rice and the boys love rice pudding so I fired up the hob and got making it! I haven't had any of it though as I'm trying to be careful with my sweet intake these days but it has been gobbled down by the boys with no trouble!

And lastly...
It is that time of year again. Time to vote for your favourite blogs to be nominated for a BiB Award. I would love to be nominated but the main thing is that you vote as there are so many fantastic blogs and bloggers out there that really need to be recognized. :)





  1. Lovely Little Loves. I used to use the borjous blusher, it has been my absolute favourite for years. It's such a lovely colour.
    I'm struggling with my BiBs nominations, going to have to give it some more thought.
    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Hi Lauren, the blusher is amazing, just need to work on not having such a heavy hand when applying! ;-) This year's BiBs were difficult as there were so many I wanted to nominate and different categories this year but I think I got a few good ones nominated! x

  2. I'm not eating sugar at the moment but the mention of rice pudding has now made me desperate for some! x

    1. Oooh, I know. I am trying to be good now too with my sugar intake but this smelled so good! I had one little spoonful in the end but luckily I have a house full of rice pudding crazy boys ;-) I wonder if there are any sugar free recipes maybe using honey? Might be worth a look ;-) x

  3. Kindle's are great, especially handy when reading reaaalllly long books! Ooh you're all being so healthy, think I love my cookies a bit too much :p hope you've had a lovely weekend and that next week starts off better! Xx

    1. I do love my kindle and am on a mission to convert my husband who still enjoys lugging huge books around especially on holiday! ;-) Hope you have a lovely and relaxing night and good start to next week too! xx #littleloves

  4. Replies
    1. I am loving the blusher now that I know how to apply it! It also smells amazing! Have a good weekend! xx