Tuesday, 8 January 2013

American Boy

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend and hopefully not too bad a start to the week.

We have been a busy family once again. This weekend we spent recovering from our travels doing the ever so glamorous house cleaning, food shopping and laundry! Then on Sunday we went down to London for Dylan's American Embassy appointment.

It was about a 4 hour journey in the car but both boys were pretty happy to nap a lot of the way which is a huge bonus. We headed over to one of my good friends' place and visited with her and her family which was fantastic and long over due. She is pregnant with a little boy who is due in April so seeing her pregnant was lovely especially since I was in Texas for her first pregnancy.

After that visit it was off to our hotel and then out with two of our other good friends for some drinks and a curry. It was a great evening and both guys were wonderful with the boys- keeping them entertained during dinner and even letting Francis ride on their shoulders! We are so lucky to have such great friends ;-)

It was early up on Monday morning to check into the US embassy. Luckily they seem to have stream lined the process a little since we got Francis' American stuff done so there was no queuing outside in the cold and straight in for our 3 interviews and to submit all our paperwork. I have to admit it is a little hard going sitting in an office building with 2 little ones for 4 hours, but the boys behaved and we were a little better prepared this time with snacks, drinks, toys, books and nappies!

There was a little issue with Dylan's passport photo but it got sorted and the rest went smoothly. When they said 'Congratulations little Dylan is an American' I could finally breath a sigh of relief! PHEW!! Honestly it shouldn't be this hard to register my children as American but I'm sure it is one of those things where along the way someone ruined it for all the rest of us. Oh well, it is done and the good news is that we'll even get his American passport in time to head off to the States for my sister's wedding in Feb!

The rest of this week will hopefully not be too eventful, but you just never know ;-)

Have a good one!

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