Monday, 29 September 2014

Food & Fitness 28th Sept. 2014

Wow! This weekend went by fast! I can't believe all the things that we managed to squeeze in it. :)

On Friday night, I headed out for a lovely girls night out. We managed to close the place down (we were there till after midnight) but enjoyed every minute. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt and drank enough to last us awhile. My two friends even got dragged into impromptu Karaoke and dancing! I happen to be organising our taxi so managed to escape those shenanigans that night ;)

Saturday we had scheduled a family photo session at a studio, so we spent the morning getting organised for that and then headed off. This was the first family photo session we have ever had. We finally decided to bite the bullet and do it before the boys are 18 and we've missed out on the chance ;) Unfortunately, the boys were not game for this photo shoot and it took the patience of a saint and many other tricks to even get one good photo!
After the shoot we went out for a Starbucks treat! The boys got fruit smoothies and I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte...YUM! First of the year :)

Someone stole a sip of my latte!
On Sunday we were off again. This time to my in-laws to see my brother in-law who was back for only two short days from Sierra Leon. It was great seeing him and the boys enjoyed the time playing with their cousins!

By the time we got home it was time for Downton and time for bed. We were exhausted. Now I just have to get organised for this week and get back to the painting! BTW- started painting in selected colour (Malt Chocolate-a tan stone sort of colour), left it to dry and it is most definitely PINK! Not the selected colour we had hoped :( So I bought some new paint today, fingers crossed!

Here is my tentative plan for the week (featuring a new fitness plan as I ended up doing nothing fitness related last week).

Sunday- Roast Pork Sandwiches
Monday- Soup with Toast (on my own)
Tuesday- Prawn Stir-fry with rice
Wednesday- Italian sausage pasta
Thursday- Chilli Chicken Thighs with sweet potato chips and salad
Friday- Curry Night!
Saturday- Family over TBD (husband will probably cook)

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Strength Training (possibly at home)
Wednesday- Insanity or Strength Training
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Rest

Running with Racheal

Have a great week!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Faves 26th Sept. 2014

This week was a good one and a lot more calm than last! We had a lot of fun meeting up with friends, playing together and generally feeling a lot more organised than last week. Phew! I can only hope next week will go as smoothly. :)

We are all looking forward to this weekend as well, as we have a few fun things planned. Tomorrow we have a family photo shoot booked (our first!! I know long overdue) and then on Sunday we have a family get together as my brother-in-law is visiting from Sierra Leon! It will be nice for everyone to get together and visit with him even though he is only around for a short time.

So with a much better week under our belts here are this week's 5 Friday faves:

1) Park play with my boys - I didn't manage to go to the park with both my boys at the same time due to school, nursery, etc... but I did manage to get a few park plays in with them individually. We all had a great time and obviously enjoyed going on the most advanced climbing frames and highest slides much to mummy's delight (Yes, I feared for their lives...who goes down a super steep slide face first, my two year old Dylan that's who!)

Francis as King of the Castle!

Dylan at a completely different park as King of the Castle!

2) Fresh mani - I managed a quick trip to my favourite nail place and have a lovely Autumny shade on my fingers. Now if only it stays through at the least the photo shoot tomorrow! ;)
Sorry my finger looks extra crooked in this one! 
3) Girls night out - Yay! Tonight I'm out with two of my friends from running club. We are headed out to eat at a prosecco bar so it is bound to be a great night!

4) Redecoration - I have finished painting the ceiling in the entryway and have even moved on to scraping and sanding the oddly bubbled paint bits from the last time the room was decorated...when ever that was?!
Now for the walls
5) Big School - My sister-in-law raved about this TV programme saying it was really funny and since I haven't seen a really really funny show since the first season of Cuckoo, I was up for trying it out. We love it! Great cast and very funny...just what we needed! :)

BBC's Big School

Right, well I'm off on an adventure with the boys. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mummy Failings or Lessons to Learn?

Oh dear, where does the time go? I have been meaning to write a post every day this week but I have been so busy working on my entryway/office redecoration that my computer has remained covered up. The good news is that the ceiling has been complete however, there is still lots to do so I may have to resort to using the old laptop to keep on top of things in the meantime.

As most of you know, last week was a bit of a rough one for me and I think I put it best in a text that I sent my personal trainer when I said: 'After a lot of thought, I have decided to not do any workouts this week. I think I was burning out and trying to take on too much while also dealing with a brand new schedule (due to Francis' starting school).'

So this week, I decided to take a deep breath and embrace the most important and biggest change which is the new school schedule. Not going to the gym has also allowed me a bit more time to sleep in the mornings which has been much needed and appreciated.

Since I have been concentrating on our morning schedule which includes getting everyone dressed, washed, hair brushed and breakfast for all (including the pooch) I have made some observations.

Before we had a tight morning schedule, I allowed:

  • for a lot of relaxing and general messing around in the morning (because normally we didn't have anywhere in particular to be)
  • the boys to choose their breakfasts (because I wanted them to eat)
  • the boys to choose their outfits for the day (because I wanted them to learn how to make decisions and get dressed themselves)
  • the boys to choose a cartoon to watch in the morning before breakfast (because this was a morning treat)

These things are now kicking me up the backside!

The boys don't want to get ready in the morning.

  • They want to mess around with me in their pjs until I decide it is time to go out (used to be about 10am). 
  • They have become picky about what they want to watch sometimes taking about 15 minutes to choose a cartoon. 
  • Luckily, Francis has a school uniform (which he thus far likes) but Dylan has become some sort of fashion icon so must choose and put on about 3 outfits before he deems one acceptable. 
  • They also aren't happy with Weetabix or porridge these days and beg continuously for mummy to make them pancakes, eggs and/or toast with several different toppings etc...

These are things that would probably have annoyed me a tiny bit before but now that we have to be out the door before 8:30am they drive me wild!! I have done it to myself. I have created monsters. :(

I really can't decide if this is a major catastrophe or if I can just learn the lesson/s here and move swiftly on correcting behaviours as I go. But, every day I wake up faced with two stubborn and determined boys that really won't work with mummy and the new schedule and I just keep thinking what have I done!

So in efforts to help the boys and myself I have started to implement some changes.

  • The night before, I tell them both 'Tomorrow is a busy day. We have to be up and ready early for school.'
  • I lay out Francis' school uniform and tell him he can get dressed when he wakes up. 
  • In the morning, I choose a cartoon and then run out of the room while the crying begins and then (fingers crossed) stops. 
  • I give them two options for breakfast and then keep telling myself 'you are not a restaurant' ignoring cries for other options.
  • I give Dylan free range on outfits still but ask him to pick something out right when he wakes up so he then has an hour and a half to get a move on. It seems to be working, so far. 

This tough 'love' is killing me but this week (so far) everyone has made it into the car by 8:20am. There have been plenty of tears still but it takes 3 weeks to adjust to a new schedule right?! Fingers crossed, we are on our way! :)

Any advice on morning routines? Or stubborn boys? 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Finger Paint & Room Paint

Things are feeling better for me today. :) I decided not to get up for a run or swim today as my little Dylan was up during the night so my sleep was very interrupted and I felt like I still needed the sleep. The good news was that the day seemed to go by a lot more smoothly than I'd expected especially as it was a Monday!

The school run went well, we weren't late and I was even in regular clothes with make-up on (I'm usually a bit sweaty and decked out in gym gear!). Shocking!

Dylan and I had a good morning together playing games and trying to increase our vocabulary.

Then, once we had picked up Francis from school we had lunches and Dylan went down for his nap. Francis and I had some quiet book time and cuddles! A great part of my day. :)

Finally, I decided to crack out some finger paints that I had received a long time ago. I spread out a massive sheet of paper on the kitchen table and just let them go for it! Brave mummy!

A master piece!

Beautiful, right mummy!
They enjoyed it and used up the entire thing of paint! It was a real mess though. Dylan had paint in his hair and up into his shirt. Francis was pretty covered too but the enjoyment they had for about 45 min was priceless!

Speaking of paint...I am finally getting organised for our entryway redecoration! I have been planing this for over a year and told the husband I was getting sick of planning all these things and then nothing ever getting anything done. So, I filled in all the holes in the walls (from wall hangings, etc...) yesterday and tonight I may start on painting the ceiling! I can't wait! :)
We don't even have coat hooks near the door!

Those paint swatches are from one year ago!

The room is currently a dumping ground but I have plans for it to be half entry way and half office/spare room. Hopefully I can show you the full finished results by the end of next month ;)

Hope you all had a great Monday!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Food & Fitness 21st Sept 2014

Hello! I hope you all had a good week and even better weekend. :)

I had a pretty crap week if I'm going to be honest. I hate to be all down in the dumps and negative on here so I'll keep it pretty general but I think I just had a bit of a panic.

Everyone that knows me know that I try and put 100% into every thing that I do except for some reason this week I felt like everything I have been working on was going nowhere. I was going 100 miles per hour and it seemed I had nothing to show for it in many areas of my life. :(

I suppose the stress of a new schedule this week (let's face it a whole week where I managed to have both boys feed, washed, dressed and out of the house before 8:30 am...miraculous!) and being hormonal (tmi- sorry) didn't help so with a bit more sleep under my belt and a bit of thinking done hopefully this week will be better! :)

Spider-man pose ofcourse!

One of the major things that I struggled with this past week was my body. Usually, I am happy with it. Don't get me wrong I know I won't have the body of a 20 year old any more and I don't expect to, after all I have given birth to my two favourite ever boys and I wouldn't give that up for a six pack any day! ;) I have however been working out like a fiend and more than most people I know, in order to look a little more lean and feel a lot more fit. My eating has been relatively healthy but unfortunately my body shape has not changed. I have also not lost a single pound. I have never felt so unfit, even though that is probably very far from the truth.

I have had a chat with my trainer (and a bit of a cry!! Whoops!) and I have done a little thinking and so, my food in the next two weeks will probably change a bit and my workouts over the next few weeks will be changing too. So more than ever my food and fitness for this week will be very tentative. I will keep you updated as I go :)

Sunday- Jambalaya
Monday- Swedish Meatballs with Mash (prob sweet potato for me) and Peas
Tuesday-  Salmon with Couscous and Salad
Wednesday- Quorn Singapore Rice (should be noodles but I'll sub brown rice)
Thursday- Minced Turkey Hotpot
Friday- Out for dinner and drinks with some friends
Saturday- TBD (maybe out and about so might be something on the road)

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Possible Run or Swim or Rest (depending on how I feel)
Tuesday- Strength Training
Wednesday- Insanity
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Rest

Running with Racheal

I hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Please Don't Judge

Recently, I have read a couple posts/articles on blogs and in magazines about people judging other people (in the cases I read, it was mums being judged). To be fair most of us would like to say that we never judge anyone, but I think sometimes we catch ourselves doing it whether we like it or not. :(

About two weeks ago I went to the supermarket. We had been away over the weekend and so I hadn't had the chance to do my usual weekly shop (solo) so this meant that I had to go with the boys. They are both at the stage now where they want something wherever we are. I don't want to spoil them and I don't want to give in to constant begging so I usually say no...but sometimes I allow them a treat (a book, magazine, pack of superhero cards) if they have been good.

On this particular shop both my sons were tired despite naps earlier in the day. They started begging when we walked through the shop doors. Then they started hitting each other, pulling my hair, kicking, crying and then screaming. I could feel eyes all over the shop watching me. What was wrong with my children, why were they crying, what was I doing to stop them?

I have to admit I was at a loss. Usually when the boys' misbehaving reaches this level I give them a time out but I couldn't just leave them in the tinned food aisle and carry on with the shop so I calmly told the boys to quiet down and that soon we'd be leaving. I also asked them what was wrong to which I got no answer. So the screaming continued and so did the stares. Finally, I gave in to a quick shout back saying that they would both be immediately in time out upon arrival home and there would be no CBeebies that night before bed. Guess what? That made them worse. Now I could hear people making comments.

Perhaps I was paranoid, they could have been saying 'Look at that poor mum!' but I thought it was probably more like 'Look at that mum who can't control her children!'. Oh dear, what would Super Nanny do?! I had completely run out of ideas and just had to finish the shop after all I had no toilet roll, no milk, and no nappies but I had to do it fast...I could not bare the stares and comments any more!

At any rate we got home and they both went into time out, calmed down and then we got on with the day but by then I was so stressed I just wanted to sit down and cry. To make matters worse the whole of the shop and possibly town now thought I was a bad mum. I had been judged. :(

Fast forward a week and we were back at the supermarket. This time we were with Daddy! My boys were fine as they had lots of attention, it was a shorter shop and Daddy gave them both treats at the start. However, on this particular day it was another mum being subject to judging eyes.

Upon check out I noticed a woman on her own with two little ones both very angry. There was a bit of shouting and general naughtiness as the children continued to ignore their mum's pleas for quiet. We left the shop at the same time and as they headed out the door the little boy ran into the car park without looking. The mum ran after him and really started shouting.

Her face was red, she looked like she was going to cry. A few people were staring. I looked over and gave a little smile. I knew full well what she was going through. She probably thought we were judging her but I promise you I was not. All I was thinking is I hope that woman gets a hug and a big cup of tea when she gets home! :)

What kind of techniques do you use when you are out and about and the little ones are being naughty? How do you feel when you think your parenting skills are being judged?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Food & Fitness 14th Sept 2014

This weekend was a good, busy and exciting one! On Saturday we went to one of our good friend's 40th birthday party and boy was it a bash! It started early afternoon and went on until about 2 am this morning. I am not used to partying like that so obviously today I am extra exhausted! It was a great night full of fun, friends, food, fantastic music (the husband played a gig!) and there was even a pub quiz :)
Birthday girl roasting her lamb!
Huge bonfire and so warm!
Gig and DJ
Dancing into the night!

So today I will be lying low, recovering and getting ready for the very busy week ahead!

We don't have too much planed for this week but it will be Francis' first full week at school so I will be concentrating on figuring the schedule for all that out. We got there 20 minutes before the school even opened on Friday and there was still no place to park...need to be more strategic I think ;)

Sunday- Bacon & Eggs with Toast (recovery food)
Monday- Chili con Carne with Rice
Tuesday- Pasta with Prawns and Veg
Wednesday- Fish Cakes with Green Beans
Thursday- Lentil Stew with Baguette
Friday- Chicken taco salad
Saturday- out for a meal with family

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Run
Tuesday- Spin
Wednesday- Insanity
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Strength Training or Run?

Running with Racheal

Have a good week! 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Some Firsts

This week was full of firsts.

My first day back to my spin class in over a month. The usual instructor was back and I was so happy! It was a great class, the music was great and I was sweaty ;)

My first ever Insanity class/workout. It is what it says on the tin, to use an English expression. Man, was that class insane! After about 5 minutes (and I was sweating and completely out of breath) the instructor announced 'So that's the warm up done!' AHHHH! I wanted to crawl out of there, but I didn't and boy am I sore.

Francis' first day at pre-school. I cried in the car yesterday on his last day of nursery. I was alright this morning getting him ready. I was alright in the car and the walk to the school but when he found his teacher and got a request to find something for her, he waved good-bye and was off. I cried. Thankfully I had Dylan to keep me busy.

My first morning alone with Dylan. I have had very few times alone with Dylan. I think our mornings together will be good for both of us. He is a little wild and very cheeky but he is still my darling little boy and I can't wait to shower him with some attention!

My first time using iron on name labels. Ok, these suck! A friend recommended them to me so I'm either completely crap at putting them on or I just got a bad batch. I might just start sewing them on...what a pain.

My first time filling out parent things for school. I clearly remember some of my first days at school and having my parents signing all the necessary paperwork. Now, I'm the parent! How did that happen?!

I have mentioned before that to me September is always a month of change, new things, clear outs, etc... I guess it all comes from being young and going to school in September. You get a hair cut, new clothes, bag, etc... clear out everything that doesn't fit and even put away all the summer things. This September is full of more changes than I have had in a while. Lots of firsts, lots of lasts and hopefully full of new happy memories.

Brilliant blog posts on
 How is your September going? Any firsts for you? 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Enjoying The Little Things

I have to admit, I am a bit of an emotional wreck this week. My little tiny baby is going to pre-school on Thursday. It happens to all of us...we grow up. It happens to all of us as parents...our little ones grow up. We can't stop it ;)

Every time I look at Francis I see this tiny little 6 lb baby boy struggling to feed but persevering. I see a little cherub face with wide eyes looking up at me. I know, I know a lot has changed since then. He keeps reminding me 'Mummy, I'm your big boy now!'. He is indeed. :)

Don't I look cute?!
So this week, in the last few days before my 'big boy' goes off to pre-school I am just taking in and enjoying the little things.

Every den we build.

Basic hide out version 1.1 ;)

Costume we put together.

Fish boy :)

Play dough creation we assemble.

I have it on good authority that this is a minion!

Run/walk we take.

Cuddle we have.

Tomorrow my two boys are in nursery (my last full day to myself for awhile), then Thursday morning we are headed to pre-school.

Francis will be fine. In fact, he'll love school. He will make his mummy, daddy and little brother proud! :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Food & Fitness 7th September 2014

Sunday has rolled around again...that week went by so quickly, although to be honest I am glad! We all seem to be recovered from stomach bugs and are very nearly ready for Francis' first couple days at school (Yikes!!).

This weekend I was lucky enough to have my husband home so yesterday I took advantage and got a pedicure. Ah...relaxing and my toes look good to boot! :) Today looks like a grandparent filled day! Will's parents are popping round to say hello and then we have our usual Skype appointment with my parents later in the afternoon.

This week I really want to start getting back on track with things although I'm sure the next couple of weeks will provide a lot of chaos, exhaustion and changes in plans and schedules due to Francis starting school. It will be good to see how everything falls into place.
**By the way, I am not trying to be a baby about all this, and it probably isn't a big deal to some, but this is the first major routine change we have had since Francis was born 3.5 years ago so I hesitate in saying it will be easy and without some juggling! ;)

My baby growing up fast! 
I have also come to the realization that I'm in a bit of a fitness rut and I definitely need to shake things up. The good news is that my gym is about to put out a new schedule of classes (yay, they did this morning!) and one of those is Insanity! So I am looking forward to starting to get things switched up and back on track.
I am still at a loss when it comes to Pilates. The class I used to take is no longer convenient and I haven't found another. It seems like years since I last took a class and I really love it! I have also not had a single good recommendation for a DVD so I can practice at home while trying to find a new class. I may have to branch out a bit to find one that will suit me but it might also mean paying more money on fitness stuff. I will have to weigh the pros and cons here.

Anyway, as always on a Sunday here is my tentative food and fitness plan:

Sunday- Left over Salmon Kedgeree
Monday- Chicken Tagine (we didn't get to have this last week due to illness)
Tuesday- Ham and Potatoes with Pineapple
Wednesday- Stir fry (probably chicken or beef)
Thursday- TBD (husband to cook)
Friday- Homemade pork sausage with Beans
Saturday- Out for friend's 40th Birthday party (possible hog roast/BBQ)

Monday- Run
Tuesday- Spin
Wednesday- Insanity!! & Group Training (probably my last due to pre-school schedule changes)
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- TBD

Running with Racheal

Hope you all have a fab week!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Faves 5th Sept 2014

I can not believe that it is already September! Where does the time go? I guess weather-wise it has been feeling like September since we got back from the States. I mean, sorry but turning the heat on in August??? I have never ever had to do that before. However, as I type this post it is a nice warm sunny day...go figure ;)

So this week turned into a bit of a nightmare for me. It was stressful. I started the week off pretty ill with the stomach bug, stayed a bit ill, didn't get a chance to work out, didn't get to eat much, didn't have any coffee, rushed around getting school things ready and then after all that my husband decided last night that he didn't really understand the school we were sending our son to and that maybe he shouldn't go there!!??? WHAT!

Ok, so after a good cry and mini meltdown, I just sat down calmly with him and went through all the facts about the school as I knew them (from various calls to the school, information evenings, open days and paper work sent home).  I think we are all on the same page now. Full steam ahead on the pre-school train! ;) Phew!

I do sometimes feel that I am sort of floating along in a country that although similar to my own is still very foreign to me. The school system here is different from the US system and additionally any school system I claim to know, the knowledge is out of date by about 30 years anyway! I think that is why I do a lot of research and talk with as many people as I can to make sure I'm getting it at least 80% right.

So after a relatively stressful week my faves are:

1) Cute/funny animal sightings- saw my hairdresser's sister's puppy! So cute! Then, we have been having chicken visitors every day this week (sometimes it is this brown one, sometimes it is a white one, sometimes both!) The boys love it...the dog hates it! :)

Tiny puppy hiding behind plant!

Chicken from our kitchen window

2) Feeling better- Ah, I do not take good health for granted and so this is a huge fave! Oh and it means I'm back on the coffee (and of course eating as well)!

<3 my Nespresso!
3) Compliments- you know it really doesn't take much to make someone's day! Today at my son's open day all the teachers were asking for cookies! They had been told how good the ones we made for our teacher visit were and they were jealous ;) Also a couple of my friends have given me lovely compliments this week and I know they didn't know it but it really cheered me up this week :)

4) Series- I know I totally sound like a tv addict (and I'm not really, but maybe a little) but holy cow, Orphan Black (I have only watched Season 1 as the others aren't out over here yet) so good!! Must get the 2nd season over here soon. Also started Orange is the New Black Season 2 and it is still very good! My husband and I are watching The Killing (the Danish version) and are almost finished Season 1 and that is awesome too! There is very little good tv on normal channels so all our series viewing is on Netflix.

5) One good workout- I didn't work out at all this week due to feeling pretty unwell until Wed. I missed my running club last night to sort out school stuff and so this morning at 6:30am I was back in the gym with my trainer dead-lifting 40lbs with the best of them :) I will admit, I wanted to cancel this training appointment and just call it a bad week, but I didn't and I feel great for going. Fingers crossed I'm going to kill it in the gym next week...need to get back on track.

Yes, that is a pilates mat...yes, must get back to it! ;)
What are your faves this week? Any one else having back to school anxiety?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Getting Ready for Pre-School

Ok, I have to be honest; as I sit here typing this post I am also in my pyjamas, unwashed with crazy hair. I am procrastinating or maybe I have over-analysis paralysis! The Pre-School teacher is coming on a home visit today! It is a good idea really. I'm definitely on board with it but I'm not ready emotionally, mentally or physically.

I totally understand that she is not here to inspect our house or interview us as parents (phew, cause the house is a mess from us being sick all weekend and I no doubt will be a crazed mummy to interview). She is simply here to find out if we have any more questions about the school, the curriculum, the teachers, etc... She is also here so that Francis will have a familiar face to go to on his first couple days at school. He'll be thinking (so they tell me) 'Oh there's a nice person, my teacher, she came to my house'. That works for me! It will make me feel better when I send my little baby off to school for the first time next week (Sooo not ready!).

But here's the deal... I can barely remember the questions I have (besides uniform stuff, which quite frankly might look bad as there is only a week till school starts and no I haven't bought them yet) as I haven't had time to read through all the material they gave us at parent's open night.

My house is a mess, I have no food in (biscuits or tea to offer), I just am not on top form. I haven't even eaten properly in 36 hours! Oh and I just found some weird smelling stuff on Dylan's blankie! Help :-/

Fast forward a couple of hours and here's how it went:

I managed to tidy up the house and do a thorough clean where necessary (like the bathroom downstairs). We also managed to get some baking done so there were Oatmeal Raisin Cookies on hand (bonus- they made the house smell good)!

Dylan went down for a nap a couple of  hours before so he was being pretty good ;)

Francis was shy but did his best at talking with his new teacher. Oh and they sprung a fast one on me...yes, they! There was Francis' teacher and another teacher as well! I guess they work in pairs :) Oh and they called and asked if they could come a whole half hour early! 'Sure, perfectly ok' says the frantic mum with a now messy bun hair style, no make up on and a just waken toddler in only a nappy/diaper! But alas, I think I managed to sort everyone out in time ;)

At any rate, I managed to get some questions answered and I feel a lot better about school next week.

We have one more open day to go to on Friday before school officially starts which will be good for all of us. Ok, yes, I am probably more nervous than Francis now! Oh dear...must not cry when I drop him off next week ;)

Next to do:
School uniforms to buy (Pale blue polo shirts, black gray trousers, school sweater/jumper, etc...)
School pencils to buy
School bag to buy
Black  Gray socks to buy
Black shoes to buy
Name labels to buy and iron on (no way am I sewing them, not enough time)
Hair cuts for all the boys in the house (including Daddy and Dylan's 1st)

Try and relax!

Anyone else dealing with the panic of sending their little one off to Pre-School/School?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Food & Fitness 31st August 2014

Ugh! The stomach bug! Well, Dylan was completely out of commission on Friday being sick with a little stomach bug and as soon I think we are out in the clear (and 5 loads of laundry have been done along with ridiculous amounts of carpet cleaning) I get the stomach bug. :(

I hate being sick. Nausea and I are not friends. So while I spent the day looking at a toilet my two little angels spent the day running wild! Honestly, I can't complain. They were pretty good all things considered. They left me to sleep and be ill. They entertained themselves with building dens and towers out of legos. Heck, they even put themselves down for a nap at 3pm! 

I think the worst bit was that I didn't have my husband at home to help and I felt bad for the boys as they surely were bored but hey, luckily these bugs don't come around that often so we coped. I am still not feeling 100% so I will give you a rough idea of this week's food and fitness plan but it is subject to change (and already has!).

Sunday- Nothing, couldn't stomach anything.
Monday- Chicken broth
Tuesday- Salmon Kedgeree
Wednesday- TBD (something easy) 
Thursday- Chicken and Butternut Squash Tagine with Couscous
Friday- Spaghetti Bolognese with Hidden Veg
Saturday- Swedish Meatballs with Mash, Peas and Gravy 

Sunday- Nothing
Monday- Nothing
Tuesday- Probably Nothing
Wednesday- Group Personal Training
Thursday- Running Club 6.5k
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Run 6k? or Gym workout

Running with Racheal

Hope you all have a good and healthy week! 
P.S. How do you keep your children entertained when you are sick?