Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great weekend!

We have had a busy one over here. Finishing off some major purchases for the kitchen and making some final decisions too! We have also been out to start getting some things for the boy's room change (i.e. the big boy bed is on its way!).
We have lived in our house for 2.5 years and when we first moved in we didn't have anything with us furniture-wise, we also didn't have any savings left to buy or improve anything either so it has been a slow process of getting things when we can and saving up to get a few things done. It feels good to get our house more up to date and in our style after living with what the previous owners deemed stylish (some of it is ok but other things whomp whomp...a big thumbs down). I think that you get that with any house really, unless you build it yourself to your specs of course. I also realise that our taste may not suit other people's either so when and if we ever move I fully expect the new owners to ask 'what were they thinking' with a few things anyway ;-)
So in the course of the weekend of housework (and going to the gym...Yes!) I have made a couple of random observations:

1. If you claim to be the largest tile shop in the area, don't fool us by only having 2 aisles of tiles for the bathroom only.
2. If the computer says you have something in stock, then please have the shelves, I don't really fancy coming back on Wed.
3. If you go to the gym to work out, don't just stand there in your gym kit on your mobile taking up it baby!
4. If you are at the gym and look like a body-builder, don't announce to the entire gym that you need to tone up!
5. Women like to help others out...thank you to the nice woman at IKEA for asking me if I needed help lifting a new bookcase :-)

Random I know but just some thoughts to keep you entertained!

Have a good night!

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