Monday, 12 November 2012


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good Monday (since I am posting this so late)! My weekend was pretty busy. Husband went off camping with some friends so I was alone with the boys. We went on a couple of nice walks taking the very excited pooch with us, played with blocks and stacking cups, attempted some pillow forts and then generally relaxed- oh and Dylan did lots of tummy time ;-)

Last week Dylan was diagnosed with bronchitis so we are still taking it easy until he starts to feel better, poor little guy. By the way, I totally hate giving him his antibiotics. He starts out all smiley and giggling but it always ends in screaming tears. Thankfully today is his last day on the antibiotics - fingers crossed.

So when the boys were in bed and I had the place all to myself I got up to some much needed and anticipated girlie pampering. I guess you could say I got to grips with Fall/Autumn colours.

First I painted my long neglected nails in OPI Romeo and Joliet - Gorgeous! I absolutely love OPI and this colour doesn't let me down. I bought it about a month ago thinking I would invest in a nice colour and skip a professional manicure but it took me this long to finally get around to it.

Then on Sunday I coloured my hair. Now for 33 years I have had the same light blonde hair and have maintained lovely highlights but since I have been pregnant off and on (if you can say that) for about 3 years, I haven't really wanted to keep up with my highlights and that is when the dreaded roots set in. Let's just say it wasn't pretty! So I did some research and chose a home colouring kit in dark blonde thinking it would be about the same as what I have but slightly darker. Ummm....not so much! My hair is now pretty much brown. It is certainly different and I know I have to get used to it, but not sure how long it is going to stay. I think it is a good option for Autumn/Winter, but this will not be my Spring/Summer look that's for sure.
Anyway, I tried to take a pic of it so you could see, but today was another dark and dreary day here and the lighting was a bit off so it didn't really come out. I shall try again for another post.

So that is how I put some colour into my weekend. Did anyone else foray into the world of hair colour this weekend?

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