Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I'm back!! It seems like forever since I last posted but after a week of relaxing and spending time with my parents (who flew over from the States) I am ready to get back to the blog world ;-)

Last week was fab! The boys both really enjoyed their visit from Grammy and Grandpa and have been recovering ever since. Lots of cuddles, walking, talking and showing off really takes it out of them.

I really miss my parents already and wish they could have stayed longer but they were over for as long as they could be and at least we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and even have a mini Christmas too!

Turkey coma!
One thing that the husband and I really appreciated were the two date nights we got to go on while my parents were over. It was so nice to have some quality time together, just the two of us. We got to see the new James Bond, which I loved (husband not so much) and then had another date into Leeds where we had some drinks and went for a very spicy Mexican meal (which in the UK is very rare). Thanks Mom & Dad!

Since I am in the recap mode at the moment I thought I'd share a little disappointing news (for me anyway)...I have not exercised in 3.5 weeks!! I know I'm bad. The first of these weeks the boys were both sick so I was up a lot in the night and didn't really feel like waking early to exercise. The second week I was not feeling great myself, post pregnancy issues (don't worry I'm ok now) and then last week I wanted to really enjoy each moment with my parents and the boys so I just didn't bother. I did bother to have plenty of chocolate though so I am in definite need of making up for some of that ;-)

Also, my mom brought over my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding in Feb and let's just say I have a little way to go before comfortably fitting into it. Apparently both my sister and brother have just lost 30+ pounds for the wedding and to get healthier. I don't have quite that much to lose but I do still have about 20lbs pregnancy/chocolate weight to shed at some point. My sister lost her weight on Weight Watchers while my brother just cut out all sweets and started going to a gym (which was right in his apartment complex-pretty handy indeed). I needed a bit of motivation and I think their weight loss and the Women's Health magazine I bought at lunch today should do it ;-) So with that's to getting back in shape!

Have any of you ever tried the Pro Points Plan at Weight Watchers? Any good? 

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