Monday, 5 November 2012

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Well, it seems like forever since my last post and I have definitely not kept to my unspoken plan of  writing at least two posts a week, but I'll get there. I guess I am still getting used to a routine with two little ones.

This past weekend seemed to go by in a flash. I love weekends more than ever now because it means family time. During the week my husband is out all day and gets in late at night but on the weekends he is usually in and it is nice for me to have some quality time with all of my boys :-)

This weekend however I went out on my own which was a much needed and very rare occurance. I ended up going to the mall on Saturday to pick up a few things (which I'll probably go over in another post soon) and while I was there I did something I hadn't done in awhile...I ordered a coffee!

Now don't get me wrong, I have coffee all the time but recently it has just been instant decaf - boring. This coffee was a salted caramel latte from Costa and it was good! I took it all around the mall with me and then had some on the drive home too. I savoured every last sip!

I guess the slightly naughty thing of all was that I had already had two fresh coffees that morning before I left the house! And then, you will not believe it but I had another cup when I got back home!

Saturday was a truly caffienated day and I loved every sip!

Have you ever had a day with way too much coffee? I guess I was lucky that 3 of the 4 coffees were decaf ;-)

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