Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Cake Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been in the baking mood recently and one of the things I love to bake is Chocolate Chip Cookies. I could eat these cookies all day long and they are pretty easy to whip up. You can also freeze the dough to make them at a later date (which might help me with portion control...but never mind!).

I do normally prefer my cookies a bit on the doughier side but for some reason ever since we moved to the UK these cookies just seem to be a more cake like consistency. Still nice and still addictive so I highly recommend sharing with friends :)


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  1. Mmm these look like a lovely afternoon treat to have with a cuppa :-) x #TastyTuesdays

    1. They were delish! Didn't make it past a few afternoon treats...very moorish ;-) Thanks for stopping by Kirsty :-)

  2. What a fab idea. They look delicious! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays