Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Finally, the BIG orange pumpkin costume with gOOgly eyes made its début trip out of my closet and onto my little boy Francis this morning! He was so excited to wear it today, but sadly once we got it on him he wasn't so keen. Today is the Halloween party at his nursery so at least I can say it stayed on until we arrived at the party! 

Dylan is a bit too young to really understand Halloween this year but next year he'll probably be able to fit into proper costume. He did put in his best effort and was decked out in a cute little pumpkin suit and hat that Grammy sent him from the US. 

This week was a busy one with the count down to Halloween. There was pumpkin carving, seed counting (and sadly burning in my attempt to make some sweet and salty seeds) and most exciting was the pumpkin chocolate chip bread which this year turned out amazing! I did in fact make it from the insides of Jack our Jack O'Lantern but I am still on the look out for canned pumpkin...someday. I ended up making two loaves but split one up to give to my mother in law and a friend. The loaf that was left for us is now completely gone so no more pumpkin goodness until next year. Boo ;-(

This week I have also been totally slacking in the exercise department. I haven't done a single workout yet and here it is Wed. Yikes! I may try and squeeze some yoga in before I pick up Francis from nursery tonight but I guess that all depends on sweet little Dylan and his rather demanding feeding schedule. 

The husband and I don't have any Halloween plans tonight, but we will gladly open the door to any trick or treaters that come our way (last year we only had 2). 

What are your Halloween plans? Are you off Trick or Treating with your little ones tonight?

Take care and have a safe and scary Halloween

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