Thursday, 6 December 2012

Anxious Coffee Spree

Oh dear, so it has been a really exciting last couple of days! My good friend who was 32 weeks pregnant with twins had her babies! Her water broke on Sunday afternoon and then it was the waiting game. We found out Monday night she had two lovely baby girls all healthy but a little tiny ;-)

I get so excited when friends have babies but I also worry that everything will be ok and especially so with my dear friend who had her twins. So while I waited on news I ended up making coffee after coffee and in doing so tried to come up with some new combinations that might be tasty since I was getting pretty tired of instant with milk.

Here are some of the tried and tested:
Instant with vanilla extract and milk
Instant with vanilla extract, grated chocolate and milk
Instant with hot chocolate, grated chocolate and milk
Fresh with cream and sugar

They were all ok but I really felt like something decadent and I'm not sure I got that with any of those combos. I will have to try again. I suppose one thing I miss are those (chemical laden) but delish creamers you can get in the States. I love the minty one they have at Christmas time...Yum!
Anyone know of any good home-made coffee creations?

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