Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Faves 10th Oct. 2014

Happy Friday! Yay, it's the end of the week and a long one at that. I suppose it has been long for us as we've all be looking forward to starting our holiday in Portugal next week! I am looking forward to a little bit of sun, warmer weather and fingers crossed a bit of time to relax - as well as, obviously, soaking in all the culture of Portugal.

Apparently, all the places we will be staying in have wifi so fingers crossed I'll be able to get a bit of blogging in while away, but if not I definitely promise photos and a post from the trip when we return!

Here are some of this weeks faves:

1) New key chain- this beauty finally arrived and I love it! All my keys fit (no need for a ghetto rubber band to hold things together) and it even has a little hook thing for my Sainsbury's cart token (ah, it's the little things!). Also, I am a big fan of cute owls and this one is fab :)

So cute!
2) A new training plan- my trainer has developed a new plan for me with a focus on core repair (still struggling with diastasis recti) so when I get back from my holiday I fully intend to embrace this new plan!

3) Genius Gluten Free Bread- Ok, so I don't think I have any intolerance to gluten although I simply can not eat white bread (I feel bloated for like a week after I have a slice) but I picked this up on a whim with some suspicion that I may be eating too many glutinous things and boy is it good!! I am definitely a fan...mind you I may have cancelled out any good thing about it by adding Nutella but hey ho! ;)

4) Holiday- It's no secret, I have been pretty stressed out with things recently so a holiday is really just what the doctor ordered. Hoping my lovely husband and I will switch who gets up early with the boys each day and I get some time to read and relax. Although, I'm pretty sure some vino and sun will be enough to cheer me right up!
Attempts at packing! Disaster!
5) Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil- Ok, a friend of mine recommended this to me a week ago and I can't stop using it! Normally I use the entire bottle of cream or whatever it is I am using on my skin before I swap over to a new one but man this stuff is good. The smell is heavenly, the oil sinks right in (no sticky mess) and man oh man it seems to be working! I am currently using it on my stomach to help with stretch marks and generally to get the skin there back in shape...LOVE! Get yourself some  :-)

This stuff is fab!

That's it for today! Have a great weekend and hopefully be back with posts from Portugal soon!

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