Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Weekly Mishaps

Happy Hump Day!

As fast as this week is flying by... I need it to slow right back down so that I can carry on catching up with all the things I want to do! I am doing so well at getting on top of all the back log I had from not doing much last week but I'll tell you what, things do pile up when you least expect it ;-)

Enough whinging! ;-)

This week, so far, has been full of mishaps. We are a few days in and I can probably count 10 at least and they keep on coming. I thought it might be fun to let you in on a few:

1) I went food shopping with the boys (I know, I know I really should hop on the online order and delivery option but I'm too lazy to take the easier option!) and as per usual, Francis had to use the toilet half way through the shop. Someone (ahem...Dylan) pulled the handicap cord that alerts everyone if you have fallen or are in need of assistance and lights started flashing AND an alarm sounded through out the entire store. A lady knocked and asked if we were ok. I blamed it on the boys! ;) She tutted and walked away. It wouldn't have been too bad except that the alarm kept going for about 15 minutes after we left the bathroom...the entire store knew it was us...whoops!

2) I bought paint for our entryway redecoration. Choose a warm brown/stone colour from samples we had painted on the wall (ahem...a year ago!!). Painted the entire room by myself taking a full day to complete. Woke up the next morning to a PINK room!! Not to fear, I bought new paint and we are back on track (sort of).
Pink almost gone!
3) Back in the day (pre-children and when I had a well paying job) I used to buy myself some luxury treats. At one point after my younger sister had had a breast cancer scare I bought a Coach Breast Cancer Key Ring. It was pretty and some of the purchase money had gone to a good cause so I was happy. Last month my husband broke it. Crystals had fallen out, paint chipped, metal bent and the darn thing wouldn't even open enough for me to put a new front door key on it. So being glamorous (don't cha know) I hooked myself up with a nice rubber band to hold everything together. This week the band was in tatters. Yesterday morning at the school run the whole thing fell apart so everyone could admire my ghetto key ring! ;)
Must get new key ring stat!
4) My husband plays soccer/football on Monday nights. This past Monday was no different but because we are redecorating our entryway room he had no place to put his sports bag. So into the main house came the stinking bag. This morning in my rush to get everyone off to school I noticed some green slime on the carpet. In fact there was still slime dripping on the carpet. This was  a puddle of green slim on our cream coloured (don't ask) carpet. My husband hadn't closed the cap to his body wash and it has leaked out of the supposed water proof bag straight through the chair the bag was on, onto the floor. Not quite sure how to sort it out yet. :/

Any ideas how to get this out?
5) Francis' class had invited parents to come to a new music class on Wednesday mornings. I decided that this morning I would go (they are optional for parents). The woman leading the class made the parents get up and dance and sing along too. I tend to not sing loudly at these things because our nursery rhymes and songs in the USA are different and the ones we have that are the same have completely different tunes over here. Unfortunately, everyone picked up on the fact that I wasn't belting out Jack & Jill. So the next song I thought I knew I got a little louder...unfortunately that was the song that was a different tune all together from what I was singing! So back to basic music class for me next week ;)

Good old Humpty, how could I get it so wrong!
Anyway, I think we'll leave it at that for today! Hope your week is going well and you haven't had too many crazy mishaps :)

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