Monday, 3 November 2014

Food, Fitness & Halloween

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! We were definitely busy but had a blast :)

Here are a few pics:
the grumpy pumpkin and smiling spider-man
A ghoul, a man with a hammer in his head and the devil

Our Jack o' Lanterns
This week I am feeling a bit run down and have got a pretty nasty cold as do the boys so I think we are going to have a low key week if possible. Besides the fact we need to rest up for next weekend's bonfires! Ah, the fun never stops ;)

Here are my plans for food and fitness this week:

I haven't done a proper plan of meals for the whole week for a couple of reasons - we haven't been food shopping yet and I am thinking hard about what I eat and how I need to change my eating to get better nutrition, more fruits, more veg and less garbage. I have been thinking about cutting back on my sugar intake as well as also cutting out a majority of processed carbohydrates. This will be a big change so it may have to be done little by little and this means that meal planning might be a little off while I work out what I'll be doing food-wise. I will keep you posted.

Sunday- Recover
Tuesday- Strength Training
Wednesday- Pilates (trying out a new studio)
Thursday- Running Club (at least 6k-7k)
Friday- Personal Training

Have a fab week!

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