Monday, 10 November 2014

Food & Fitness Sabbatical and Weekend Recap

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely end to last week and a great weekend. We definitely had an action packed one!
On Friday night, we headed out to a friend's bonfire night celebrations which were great! It was a little cold and windy but the rain held off and so we were all happy about that.

Super bonfire
On Saturday, we helped my husband celebrate his birthday with presents, cards and a day trip out to a photography exhibition and park. I have probably not mentioned it much but my husband took up photography this year and has a real knack for it. He entered into a competition (hence the trip to the exhibition) and although didn't win, definitely had some fantastic photos! :)

A lucky dog in the park

On Sunday, I went on a 10k run at 9am when the temperature was a chilly 2 degrees and then we headed off for a pub lunch later in the day with my husband's parents. It was nice to meet up and get some more fresh air and walks in but I was definitely exhausted by the end of the weekend! I guess that is what makes for a good one though ;)

Walking in the woods
On another note, I know that usually Sundays (or Mondays if I'm late) I do a write up of my food and fitness plans for the week, and although I am keen to continue doing those posts I feel I have been doing a half hearted write up for them the past couple of weeks and this week really wouldn't have been much better. As you know I have been caught up with a flu or cold or who knows what for over a week and so I have been ravenous at times eating whatever I can get my hands on and other times not hungry at all. We went out to eat twice(!!) this weekend (in honour of my husband's birthday) and at both restaurants I couldn't find a single thing that I wanted to eat, which for me is weird. So, my eating is off and as I have mentioned in an earlier post I am still looking into the benefits of cutting refined sugars out of my diet completely (which let's face it would be a major change for me) therefore I do not have a proper food plan ready to share.

Fitness-wise, I am in a bit of a limbo here too. I am keeping up with my running but haven't been strength training or meeting with my personal trainer in a couple of weeks (due to her being ill, then me). I need to sign up (and pay) for more sessions with her but am of two minds about it at the moment. That will probably be resolve one way or another this week. I have also had a private session at a new pilates studio and felt really good about that. I am probably going to look into booking a block of 5 sessions for that and see how it goes but it looks as though there is only one class that I could potential make due to scheduling conflicts.

I think perhaps the best plan of action is to either post what I did eat and did workout-wise at the end of each week or to go on a bit of a sabbatical until things get a bit more sorted out. Additionally, with the holidays right around the corner things aren't looking too promising on either of those fronts (I mean come on, who could pass up Christmas chocolates or a second helping of Thanksgiving turkey? Not me that's for sure!!).

What do you think about eating healthily and working out this time of year? Hard or easy? Any tips? 
Hope you all have a lovely week!

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