Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Some Updates

Well, I was going to write a post on a prepared topic that I have been working on (I'll still post it at some point, don't worry) but decided at the last minute that instead I would do a quick post with some updates.

1) Exciting news!! My two friends (Gemma- writer, Sarah- editor) have put together a book entitled A Girls' Guide to Travelling Alone, it is a compilation of short stories by 'girl' solo travellers and... I have a story in it! Yay! So, I am now officially a published writer :) Please check it out!

2) I pulled a sickie today on my personal trainer. Well, since I have been ill and am still struggling with being ill it wasn't a complete lie. The exciting reason why I pulled a sickie was because I tried out a new Pilates studio and had a private lesson. It was really challenging and I loved it. I actually felt like a completely different person when I left the studio an hour later (in a good way)! I'm hoping to book a block of classes there and see how it goes!
Need to dust off the old matt!
3) Our entryway redecoration plan has stalled a little but by tomorrow will be back up and running and we are hoping it will be finished before Christmas. We decided to go all out and have some builders put in some shelving, a bench and cabinets which will give us some much needed space in the room and fingers crossed look good too ;)
A cheeky peek at the colour and some new but messy shelves
4) Only 2 weeks till my next 10k run. Yikes! My training hasn't been very consistent but I have been running at least 6.5k one day a week for the last few weeks and I'm hoping to add one more run a week to that in the next two weeks. I think I'll be ready but I'm worried about the weather. Not a huge fan of icy cold runs...Brrr!
5) I am about to downsize from a baby bag to a regular handbag! Well, I think. I realized that I am actually pulling my shoulders out of alignment from carrying around a baby bag full of 'just in case' stuff recently. Before it used to be ok because I could put the massive baby bag on the handles of the pram, but we haven't used a pram in months, so I thought instead of being caught out by not having anything with me (by not carrying big bag) I needed a little across the chest style hand bag. This little beauty is from Sainsbury's and was only £12. Inside I can hold tissues, keys, mobile, sunglasses, wallet, and some snacks (potentially some wipes and a nappy but haven't tried that out yet).

Pretty new bag :)

So that concludes my midweek update. I hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Love that little bag, I can't wait to ditch the giant Mummy bags! Good luck with your Pilates, sounds like something you have really enjoyed and definitely worth pursuing!

  2. Thanks Hayley! I know it is a relief to lose the big bag but then you kind of feel lost too! Where is everything?? ;-)