Thursday, 5 February 2015

Slowly Getting Back to Working Out

As many of you know, I have not been 100% since before Christmas. I am now on the mend and have been given the all clear by my GP to begin exercising again! I am sooo happy that I have got the all clear. You have no idea how much I have wanted and needed to go on a long run. How I have longed to just sweat and get some stress relief.

Having lived a pretty active lifestyle for a while now I do know that because I stopped my activity quickly and haven't been exercising for a few months now, that I will have to be gentle with myself getting back into it. Despite really wanting to 'pound the pavement' for an hour, I will be better off going for a long walk or practising a bit of gentle yoga.

With that said, I have decided to start by walking with the dog or children every day for at least a half hour (about 2.5k). I may add some yoga if my boy's bed times cooperate (they have both be running around like little mice before finally settling but not after having to be talked to a few times first). This weekend, I may venture out to the gym for a 30 min elliptical or bike session, see how I feel and take it from there.

Time to dust off these bad boys! 
What I won't be doing is getting straight back into running a 10k, a balls to the wall spin class, Insanity or heavy weight lifting. I probably won't be going back to my trainer yet either. But I won't let these 'can not do nows' get in the way of my motivation to get healthy and fit again.

Fingers crossed I will be back to my healthy self in no time. work on my cleaner eating ;)

Have you ever been faced with a set back to your healthy/active lifestyle? How did you deal with it? 

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