Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why I Am Decluttering

I am definitely the kind of person that loves being organised.
I love to make to do lists and I really love crossing things off them.
I love everything to be clean and tidy.
I am not a pack rat and I love getting rid of unnecessary things that can accumulate.
However with all that said, I am a mum of two little boys who love to make messes! I am also the wife of a husband that (unbeknownst to him!) loves to make messes and horde things away in his 'man cave' or keeps things around just in case. Ugh!

So this winter/spring I have decided that our house, after living here for 4 years, needs a massive and ruthless declutter. Last summer we hired a skip and got rid of a lot of junk that was in the basement and outside in our shed/garden (mainly from the previous owners). It was a pretty large skip but we had no trouble filling it to the top! Unfortunately, there are still some things that need sorting and I feel like I can't concentrate on much else until we are rid of clutter and living in a much more organised chaos! ;) It will of course all take time as even once the decluttering has finished I will then have to Ebay, sell, throw away, donate and put in things away in the attic and that will probably take just as long.

I have finished my declutter of our downstairs and have started upstairs already. The bad news is that I have only one room left to declutter until I get to the worst room of the house...the master bedroom. I know exactly how it got so bad (you know, just putting a few things out of the way, no storage for old baby things, etc...) but I fear it will take at least a week to sort out. It seems that little by little things have been piling up in there that we have no other place to put them.

I have always dreamed of a cozy, comfy oasis of a bedroom. Lots of soft calming touches and big fluffy pillows! I still have that dream and our bedroom does need a proper renovation (i.e. carpet, new light fixture, new bed frame, new curtains and definitely new wardrobe) but that can't even be considered until we have decluttered the space.

So here it is, the before photos. Sorry it really is awful! I'm thoroughly embarrassed! :( However, fingers crossed in a week or so I'll have a nice clean after photo!

View upon entering our master bedroom...Yikes!
Yes, the mess has spread to chest of drawers, floor and bed!
More piles of clothes, a wardrobe that is broken and junk on top of it. Help!!
Anyone else doing a spring clean? Please tell me I'm not alone in my mess! ;)

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