Monday, 23 February 2015

Things I've Been Working On

Good morning! I know, I know I have been missing in blogging action yet again! It has just been a world-wind week of half term fun and madness in our house and so I thought I'd just go with the flow and save blogging for a little less chaotic time. In fact, I don't think I took a single photo last week! Yikes!

So now we are back to the regular routine of school, school runs, nursery days, work and getting things done in and around the house. I have to admit that when my husband headed back to work this morning I really wanted to cry but alas, I know I can do it...just need to pull up my big girls pants and get on with the day! ;)

So some things that have kept me busy but are very important and just a little overwhelming are:

1) My oldest's birthday party prep - it will be the first birthday party we have hosted for him and I am getting nervous, not to mention we are holding it at our house so I am expecting mayhem!

2) Decluttering project - I have finished decluttering all of downstairs (with the exception of one file cabinet drawer which will be the death of me) and have made a list of things that need replacing or doing so I'll need to get on with some of those. I'll also start working on the upstairs now; two of the rooms won't be so bad, but the master bedroom needs serious help! I may have to call in a professional ;)

3) Workout schedule - I have been really good about getting back into running and the gym but unfortunately I had a bit of a set back last week and have been taking time off again since last Wed. I'm hoping I'll be back to it by the end of this week but we'll see. In the mean time I have just been trying to get my 10,000 steps in (thanks Fitbit!) each day!

4) Reading - I have become obsessed by some new books that I got as a gift from my mother and really can't put them down. What I would most like to do is forget everything and sit down with a hot coffee and read but since that is not possible, I am just trying to squeeze in a bit of reading each night instead.

Right, so that is where I'm at but I promise to get back to being organised (yes, there is a theme here) and be back to blogging as regularly as I can. :-)

Have a good Monday! 

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