Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

Now that I have been back to the gym for a whole week (and running two days last week!) I have been thinking over my motivation. Before I got ill I was seriously lacking motivation to work out. Despite being quite fit, my body wasn't behaving the way I would have liked and it was stuck in its mummy tummy ways. Not only was my tummy not budging but I was also gaining weight (and no, it was not muscle!). It might have had something to do with my eating habits but I was not willing to agree that chocolate, cakes and indefinite cups of coffee weren't part of my healthy diet! ;)

Unfortunately, I didn't need any more excuses for my lack of motivation as I became unwell and therefore couldn't workout. Of course, once I wasn't able to workout any more I became convinced that I really needed to workout. I guess you always want what you can't have.

Now that I have the all clear to workout again. I do have motivation. I have gained a lot of weight whilst being unwell and am now at my biggest ever weight. I have lost all the endurance and muscle tone that I had previously worked so hard for and there is one more thing...I have been badly judged by someone who (shouldn't judge) doesn't realise that I haven't actually just been sitting around for 3 months eating chocolate cake all day without moving (if only!).

Despite, feeling let down by this person's attitude and lack of trust, it has spurred me to get more fit than ever before. Obviously my motivation to get back in shape is first and foremost to be happy and healthy. Secondly, to help me deal with everyday stresses. Thirdly, to get back socialising with my running friends and Finally,  to get my endurance and strength back so that I can once again say to my friends 'shall we go for an easy 5, 6 or 7k run?' At the moment, I am completely overwhelmed by a 3k run.

However, now I am also motivated to get back in shape to show all the doubters and judgers that to hell with them I can do it, I can do it on my own with the support of those who really love me and quite frankly I will probably look better than those judgers despite my time off, my age and the fact that I have given birth to two gorgeous baby boys...stretch marks and all!

Also for the record, there is no rush at all in my quest to get fit again. I know it will all happen in good time and prefer it to take awhile (it took 3 months to undo so it should take about that to get back) so that my new good habits and motivation stick as opposed to burning out quickly.

What motivates you to get moving? Or what motivates you to take on other challenges? 

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