Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Stress/Sick Diet

Hmm...sorry to be so predictable, but we are still a sick house over here. The two boys took a turn for the worse on the weekend and when we went to the doctor's they were diagnosed with chest infections and are now on antibiotics. They are both so sad, tired and feverish. It is really breaking my heart and I am definitely having mother's guilt that I didn't take them to the doctor's sooner. Although the doctor did say that if I had taken them last week she probably would have just sent us home assuming it was just a bad cold.

Unfortunately, I have also got my sinus infection back but on the opposite side! Just when I thought I was feeling well again. Boo! :-(

At any rate, I did have a different post planned but since we are still sick I thought I'd roll on with the theme!

As you may remember I am using the Weight Watchers ProPoints system to kind of keep in line and change my way of eating so it is a bit healthier. I'm not going to lie, I knew eating a whole roll of chocolate HobNobs was not healthy but I needed some guidelines to help me stay on track. Anyway, I have been doing relatively well staying within my points and slowly losing some of my baby weight (Yes, I still have baby weight even though my youngest is 19 months!) but it seems that when I am sick or stressed out (cause my little babies are sick) I tend to feel super hungry.

It's crazy I have been doing so well and then in the last couple of weeks I have felt like I could eat a bus load of chocolate, a gallon of coffee and a bucket load of chips (french fries). I know I shouldn't but I have given in because:
1. I know this is a one off 
2. my body must need extra calories to help me fight my infection/deal with the stress of two seriously ill babies

I read all  kinds of posts from other bloggies saying things like 'feeling sick, had a lovely green juice'. I really really would love to want a green juice but guess what, I don't, I'm me and I feel like a big old piece of chocolate cake and some coffee, maybe even a mocha!

Maybe someday I will think 'feeling sick, will have a green juice', but today I eat cake ;-)

Anyone else get really hungry or have cravings for junk food when they are under the weather?

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