Tuesday, 11 February 2014

VIP Shopping Trip

This past Christmas I received the gift card of all gift cards! It was for Debenhams, which is a department store that I love as it carries many fantastic brands and the makeup counters are great too! But this wasn't just a normal gift card, it also included a personal shopper experience, a makeover with Benefit and a treat in the cafe (chocolate cake people!!!).

This was a great gift for me because since I have had the boys my weight, body shape and age have changed. I am also not working in an office any more. My look went from fab (in my opinion) to a little bit lost. I don't want to wear too many nice things as I am home most of the time getting covered from head to toe with boogies, dribble, playdough, etc... I also have to be practical- no dresses or skirts when I am constantly bending over and sitting on the floor.

To be honest leggings, sweat pants and over sized shirts took over my wardrobe. Not only were they comfy but figure forgiving and they allowed me to do my new job (Being a Mum). So needless to say I was looking forward to a little help. I still want to look great but not too old, not too frumpy and definitely not too young or overly trendy. Anyway, I booked my shopping trip ages ago and I finally had it on Saturday!! This post would have been done on Sat. but I have been pretty sick so I haven't really been up to blogging. 

So here is how it went and some of the goodies that I got...

Upon arrival at Debenhams, I was a little disappointed. Even though I had booked my personal shopping experience months before and had received several reminders of my appointment, nobody was expecting me and no one was too keen to be my personal shopper. Since I was already feeling under the weather and now discouraged, I thought about just saying never mind and getting home to bed, but then I realised that this is supposed to be my day to relax and get some new clothes which I hadn't done in ages. So I stayed and after apologising for the mistake a nice woman named Sue helped me out.

I sat down with her for a few minutes to discuss what I wanted with regards to clothes. She shook her head saying she completely understood and got to work. I was in a huge private dressing room and spent about two hours trying on a ton of things from trousers and tops to dresses (that are practical!) and scarves.

Flat boots, ballet pumps & navy tights

She told me how to best disguise things that the children may have deposited on my outfit (when in a rush) and how to layer for various types of outings. She suggested simple outfits using pieces I already own like a black vest (tank top).

Black shaper trousers & stripy top (this outfit hides mummy tummy!)

I now believe that I have a child friendly, fashionable yet practical me capsule wardrobe to work with and something that I can add to as needed.

H Henry Holland & Butterfly Matthew Williamson dresses (with pockets!!! and well cut)

I then went for a mini makeover at Benefit. The makeover was pretty basic (foundation, blush, lip gloss) but as I was feeling so ill at that point, the girl could have stuck some Vaseline on my lips and I would have been impressed!

Finally, I went upstairs to the restaurant and had a huge piece of chocolate cake and a latte...bliss!

I definitely recommend the personal shopper experience especially if you think you might be a bit lost in the big wide world of fashion after a baby or other life changing experience (new job, going to university, getting married, honeymoon, etc...).

Has anyone else had trouble with their style once they became a mum? 
I think certain ages can fall into a style limbo too. I remember turning 29 and thinking 'help I'm not old but maybe I shouldn't be wearing mini skirts or trendy pieces any more?' and my sister who is in her late 20's sometimes has trouble finding age appropriate work clothes.

Anyway, I hope this post helps a bit!  :-)

I am in no way affiliated with Debenhams, nor was I compensated for this post. The VIP gift card I used for this experience was from my husband and the boys. The experience and opinions here are my own. 

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