Sunday, 17 August 2014

Food & Fitness 17th August 2014

Hello from the UK! We are back from our lovely vacation and although still completely jet lagged and a little bit homesick for the States, we are happy to be back home and ready to get back to a normal routine (what's that though really??).

I will be doing a little overview post of our vacay later but for now here are a couple photos.

On a beach run! <3 LOVE

Midnight cafe run with the husband and my brother!
What to do when stuck at the airport for 9 hours! 
So this week will be tricky as it will be our first full week back home and obviously there is lots to do so I think it will mainly be a play it by ear sort of week but here is the tentative plan:

Sunday- Curry night!
Monday- Steak Pie with Mash and Peas
Tuesday- Chilli con Carne with Rice
Wednesday- One Pot Pasta
Thursday- Salmon with Summer Salad
Friday- Cajun Chicken with Rice
Saturday- At a wedding so not sure.

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Run 6k
Tuesday- Spinning 
Wednesday- Group Training
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- 1st 10k Race in almost 20 years!!! YIKES!

Running with Racheal

Hope you all have a good week and see you back on a more regular basis! 

P.S. Today is my little Dylan's birthday! Can you believe this sweet little thing is 2 already? Where has the time gone?
Happy Birthday my sweet 2 year old boy! 

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