Monday, 4 August 2014

Food & Fitness 3rd August 2014

Hello from the US! We made it safely back to my parent's house last night after two pretty good flights! Both boys were really well behaved and exhausted when we finally got in. It didn't stop them from getting mummy up at 5am but I'll blame that on jet lag ;)

So, due to the fact that we are on holiday and we are with my family, I have no idea what we'll be eating on a day to day basis. Probably a lot of seafood and Mexican (Seafood, since we're on the beach and Mexican, because in my opinion you can't get good Mexican food in the UK). So we'll have to leave out the food portion of this post. Although tonight we are having grilled chicken with rice and veg :)

Fitness-wise, I have indeed packed some workout gear and intend on using it especially as I will be running a 10k not long after we get back! Yikes! So here's my tentative plan:

Sunday- Rest/Running around airports
Monday- Proper Rest Day!
Tuesday- Run about 6k (4 miles) & Body Weight Workout
Thursday- Run about 6k & Body Weight Workout
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Run about 6k & Body Weight Workout

Running with Racheal

I have put in plenty of rest days as I will probably be up late and not feel like waking up early every morning but I'll be pretty flexible as I might feel like working out everyday, so we'll see.

The body weight workout is one that my trainer sent me to do and only requires a resistance band which I have and brought with me (no extra weight there!). It includes the following exercises:
Press Ups
Step Ups
Tricep Dips
Chest Fly
Bent Over Row
To be finished off with some core exercises and a cool down.

What are your favourite body weight exercises?

Hope you all have a great week!

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