Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Post Vacation Craziness

I absolutely love going away on vacation! It is so relaxing and exciting at the same time. However, I really can't stand packing, unpacking, jet lag and the general disarray that comes with going away.

I really thought I was getting pretty organised before we left to go to the States but now that we are back I am overwhelmed with things to do. Don't get me wrong it is totally all worth it. I wouldn't trade a week with my family for anything and deep down I actually like being busy rather than bored and complacent but I do feel rather swamped!

It has been a fun-filled first week back home though. We have had Dylan's 2nd Birthday, gone to visit my in-laws new house and had a surprise visit from a friend we knew from our stay in Dallas, TX! Tonight we are off to a St. Vincent gig in Leeds and on Saturday we have my husband's cousin's wedding reception.

Oh, and I almost forgot a little something else...I am running my first 10k in like 20 years on Saturday morning! Help!!

I was so good about running while I was visiting my parents but I haven't run once since we have been back home. I have also just realized I don't have any info on the race location, a race number or even my free t-shirt (just kidding on that one!). I went to the race website yesterday and found out that this 10k is a trail run!! What!! This is new news to me. I am not great with trail runs (and most of it in mud!!!) so I can't think that I will make my hoped for time (which is 1 hour 5 minutes) but I will try my best.

I am definitely looking forward to the race and all the other fun things that are coming up! It is nice to be busy and it is keeping my mind off missing my family in the States and the cold wet weather we are having here in Yorkshire.

So here's to vacations, family, friends and keeping busy!
Surfing with Grammy & Grandpa
Building Sand Castles!
Francis walking the beach walls with Grandpa
Getting a little sun
Outdoor games at Auntie Lisa & Uncle Brian's BBQ
How do you cope with the pre/post vacation stress? 

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