Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday Faves 22nd August 2014

Hello and Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you have all had great weeks. Mine went by super fast and I really feel like I didn't get much done but did have a lot of fun so I guess it was worth it. Besides the tax guy can wait...right?!

So, as I am trying to get back to a normal blogging schedule here are this week's Five Friday Faves:

1) Date nights - Ah, it has been great! The husband and I went out a few times without the little ones while in the States and this week we will have had two date nights! On Wednesday night we went out to a St. Vincent gig! There were some technical difficulties at the start due to all her equipment being lost in transit, but she overcame them like a pro and the rest of the gig was awesome :) Tomorrow night we are off to my husband's cousin's wedding reception so I am really looking forward to that too!

St. Vincent (old photo
2) Family - I have been pretty homesick for my family in the States this week, but I am also so happy with my little family over here.

Some of my family at the beach!
 3) My comfy home- even though I am experiencing some house envy, our carpets are horribly stained (whose idea was it to put cream carpets through out the downstairs when we have two little boys and a dog?!) and we seem to be mid 50 projects in the house I still love it. It is comfy and relaxing (when tidy!).

A messy lounge but everyone's comfy (yes, that is Show Me Show Me on the TV!)
4) Anything spicy - I don't know what is going on with me at the moment but the spicier things are the better. I think I have eaten most meals now with Nando's Peri Peri Sauce on them. I have been adding chillies where possible and don't get me started on jalapeƱos!

5) Great reading material - I have been so busy with admin stuff, entertaining the boys, tidying up for friends and family that I haven't had two minutes to read (which I love to do). So I have a stash of  about 5 magazines and a book I really want to read right now.  Fingers crossed things will calm down a bit so I can get them read!
A nice selection of US and UK magazines and The Silkworm on Kindle
Well, that is it for today. I am off to cook some supper, maybe watch some Orange is the New Black (second series) or read!! and get to bed early. 10k race day in the morning and I am freaking out a bit! Wish me luck ;)

Have a great weekend!

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