Monday, 29 September 2014

Food & Fitness 28th Sept. 2014

Wow! This weekend went by fast! I can't believe all the things that we managed to squeeze in it. :)

On Friday night, I headed out for a lovely girls night out. We managed to close the place down (we were there till after midnight) but enjoyed every minute. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt and drank enough to last us awhile. My two friends even got dragged into impromptu Karaoke and dancing! I happen to be organising our taxi so managed to escape those shenanigans that night ;)

Saturday we had scheduled a family photo session at a studio, so we spent the morning getting organised for that and then headed off. This was the first family photo session we have ever had. We finally decided to bite the bullet and do it before the boys are 18 and we've missed out on the chance ;) Unfortunately, the boys were not game for this photo shoot and it took the patience of a saint and many other tricks to even get one good photo!
After the shoot we went out for a Starbucks treat! The boys got fruit smoothies and I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte...YUM! First of the year :)

Someone stole a sip of my latte!
On Sunday we were off again. This time to my in-laws to see my brother in-law who was back for only two short days from Sierra Leon. It was great seeing him and the boys enjoyed the time playing with their cousins!

By the time we got home it was time for Downton and time for bed. We were exhausted. Now I just have to get organised for this week and get back to the painting! BTW- started painting in selected colour (Malt Chocolate-a tan stone sort of colour), left it to dry and it is most definitely PINK! Not the selected colour we had hoped :( So I bought some new paint today, fingers crossed!

Here is my tentative plan for the week (featuring a new fitness plan as I ended up doing nothing fitness related last week).

Sunday- Roast Pork Sandwiches
Monday- Soup with Toast (on my own)
Tuesday- Prawn Stir-fry with rice
Wednesday- Italian sausage pasta
Thursday- Chilli Chicken Thighs with sweet potato chips and salad
Friday- Curry Night!
Saturday- Family over TBD (husband will probably cook)

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Strength Training (possibly at home)
Wednesday- Insanity or Strength Training
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Rest

Running with Racheal

Have a great week!

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