Sunday, 14 October 2012

Getting Ready For A Rainy Week

Another weekend is quickly coming to a close. It was a lovely sunny weekend and it was great to get outside! Unfortunately however I have just checked the weather for this coming week and it looks awful. Rainy and cold. I guess I should probably expect as much since we live in England but I am always hoping for some sun.

In preparation for this rainy week ahead I am going to plan out some activities for the boys. Well, mainly my one and a half year old as the 8 week old will just soak up the atmosphere of whatever we get up to. I am going to check out some local websites to see what is on and child friendly in our area but so far I am thinking of a trip to the library for some new books, working on new puzzles that Francis got last week (a belated birthday present from a friend), colouring with new twisty crayons and maybe even a trip to a soft play centre.

Also on my to do list - photos!  I know this blog has been looking a bit dull since I haven't posted any pics but I am going to be making a conscious effort to post some this week!

I am also looking forward to continuing my new workout schedule. I am hoping to stretch a little further, run a little longer and lift a little more easily this week ;-) Wish me luck!

What are your goals/to dos for the week? Have any of you been to a soft play centre before? This will be our first time if we do go. Are any of you trying anything new this week?

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