Sunday, 21 October 2012

When Things Don't Go To Plan

Hello everyone! Well, this week was a little bit different than I thought it might be. First of all, there wasn't too much rain and each day was pretty sunny! This meant that we were able to get out a bit more than I thought we might, however there was also a completely unforeseen element of both boys coming down with very chesty coughs that kept us a little lower key than we had hoped.

Monday everyone was happy and healthy so we took a walk to the local park to play on the swings. Dylan spent the time chillin' while Francis slide down the slide, swung on the swings and went on a strange little rocking horse thing. Francis also decided to ditch the children's play area, dig a hole under the fence and try to escape to where the bigger boys were playing soccer. All this while I turned the double pram around to face the swings (that is about 30 seconds...yikes!!) He never made it but it didn't stop him from shouting BALL for the next 5 minutes or so ;-) One of his current obsessions!

Tuesday we spent with a friend of mine and her little boy playing. It was nice to have some girlie chat too!

Wednesday was nursery day and then Thursday and Friday were spent doing puzzles, colouring, singing and practising walking as the cold/cough had properly set in by then.

Also, poor Dylan had to face his first set of injections on Friday, which made for a seriously unhappy camper :-( No real side effects though so we were lucky.

We did have a great day yesterday walking around a lake, but it took a toll on my two little coughing soldiers and today is being spent lying low again.

So being a mum is more than just having a timetable in place to keep the boys learning and entertained, it is about being flexible and having a Plan B just in case things don't go the way you hoped. I think we did ok and still had fun despite not feeling our best this week.

Is anyone else dealing with the first round of Autumn colds this week? If so hope they clear up soon!

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