Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Great Pumpkin

It is this time of year that I really crave coffee and I don't mean just instant decaf. I would like a wonderfully Autumny (new word I know) Pumpkin Coffee from Dunkin Donuts...YUM! But over here in the UK, not a chance. It seems in England they don't have quite the obsession with pumpkin that we Americans do.

Although I have managed to find big pumpkins for carving and or painting at my local supermarket, I have not been able to take the boys pumpkin picking (no farm near us grows them). I have also not been able to locate canned pumpkin to make my delish pumpkin chocolate chip bread! In fact last year I used real fresh pumpkin from the pumpkin we carved but there really wasn't much there and picking out all the seeds was a nightmare. It has been recommended that I just use squash but will it be the same?

The blog world has definitely been making me jealous with everyone's posts that include lovely pumpkin beers or coffees and there is even one that has indulged in a glorious sounding pumpkin chai latte.

Which brings me to the question; Is pumpkin just an American thing? I am hoping that the UK will convert but in the meantime I continue to long for that Pumpkin Coffee.

Are there any things that you crave this time of year? Are you living in a place that doesn't have one of your favourites? Tell me I'm not alone ;-)

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