Friday, 11 April 2014

5 Friday Faves

Hello! Bet you thought I'd gone missing again! Well, I sort of have. I have had a very busy week full of fun things but also my usual weekly schedule was changed around a bit and so I am exhausted.

Despite a super busy week and changed up schedule I did get lots done and feel great for it. Built my boys new wardrobe, sorted out some baby clothes that needed putting away, sorted out some birthday things for various friends and family, tidied my desk (a little!), etc... So with that said I am ready for my weekend :-)

This weeks faves include:

1) Flat pack furniture success! Look out Bob the Builder, here I come!

2) Surviving the Callipers. Had my body fat measured by the personal trainer today. These measurements are just numbers to me. I know how I feel and I pretty much always judge my fitness successes by that but I am looking forward to seeing those numbers go down.

3) Discovering a brand new park that is absolutely beautiful. Can't believe NewMillerDam is right around the corner from me and I never even knew it. Next time I go, I am definitely heading to one of the local cafes after for a treat (forgot my wallet this time).

4) Running 5k! I know I usually put this on my fitness schedule for the week but guess what I fib. I haven't run a 5k in two whole weeks!!! But I did it last night and it felt great.
I need to start running 6k now I think ;-)

5) My boys :-) This could be on my list every single week. This past weekend though I heard about an acquaintance from university who's 2 year old son died from Neuroblastoma. So so sad. My heart aches for her and her family. And, I hug my boys closer every day. Every day with them is a blessing. <3

I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

What are some of your Friday Faves? 

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