Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vacation Time!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Ours is currently filled with chaos - nothing new then ;-)

We are just about to use up the very last bits of food from our fridge, I am still trying to squeeze things into our suitcase despite the very tight luggage restrictions and I am also trying to relax a little too (but that one is not going so well).

Pretty empty except some dog for the morning and a few other bits that will last.
We leave for vacation tomorrow and although I am really looking forward to it, I know the traveling is really going to be difficult this time. Dylan is at an age now, where he doesn't really want to listen to what we say and is so wiggly and restless. I doubt very much he'll be happy about the 4 hour flight or the 1 hour 40 minute drive to airport! I have packed plenty of 'fun' supplies for the journey but we'll see.

In preparation for this little holiday I have also done some research on the hotel we'll be staying in and although the hotel is a 4 star and has fab reviews it lets me down on one main thing. There is only wi-fi in the reception area, so that means I will be downloading some books onto my kindle and some children friendly videos onto the iPad tonight.

I know I know, I should be relishing this time to 'unplug' but I have to be honest; I got my Kindle especially for things like holidays. You know, so that I wouldn't have to bring loads of heavy books and instead simply download new ones as I finish each one. As for the movies on the iPad, well, the boys wake up so early (ah hem...5am!) that I usually like to have a video lined up for them on Netflix so that they can be calm while I come around (usually 6am). Other than that I love to 'unplug' trust me!

The only other little issue is that I had been planning on blogging while we are away and now I'm not so sure I'll be able to squeeze in alone time down in the hotel reception for very long...but we'll see. So with that being said: I may write again soon, I may have to get back to you in a week...stay tuned!

Hate packing!!
Also for those of you celebrating Easter have a very Happy Easter tomorrow! For those who don't have a fab Sunday!

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