Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tenerife with Toddlers

Phew...finally got the suit cases unpacked and some laundry done so not feeling as bad now. It is always hard coming back from a nice holiday but all the unpacking and laundry definitely makes things worse.

Last week was a lovely sunny and warm week for us all in Tenerife. I wasn't too worried about going on holiday with the boys or even flying with them as we have done so many times now. I guess with my family living in the States, it is something that we all get used to (I'm still waiting to find packing easy though!).

This time however, flying was a little more tricky. My oldest was content watching videos on the tablet and playing some games but my youngest is at an age now where he was not happy to sit still at all. When he saw the seating arrangements on the plane he definitely gave me a look that said 'Mum, if you think I'm sitting on your lap for 4 hours you got another thing coming'. Then in his most diva-like way he shouted 'NO'! I could tell it was going to be a long flight.

The good news was that he ended up sleeping for about an hour so I did get a little break. We spent another hour walking up and down the plane and about another hour eating all the snacks I brought. So I guess it was only really tricky for about an hour of the flight. Not a great teaser to our 10+ hour flight back to the US in August however!! :-/

After a short taxi ride we arrived at the hotel which was ok. It didn't get internet except in reception and it was super slow, it wasn't really on the beach as we were told and the pool area was not the greatest when you have little ones, but we made it work. We took lots of trips out; a day trip to the top of the Volcano, a trip to a beautiful cliff (Los Gigantes), a trip out on a Pirate Ship to spot dolphins (this was my favourite part of the trip), a day or two to play at the pool and with cousins (the boys favourite part of the trip), and even a day on a black sand beach (I have just about got all the black sand out of the little guy's hair now!).

Los Gigantes
How could I forget the ice cream!!

Pirate Ship!
It was a good get away. Some nice food, good company and fantastic weather. I even managed a few runs totalling about 17k! I also did a quick body weight work out by the pool one morning. Yes, all the people on their balconies were jealous of my squats! I could tell ;-)

Beach on one of my runs
So fingers crossed our next beach holiday (at my parent's) goes as well; and here's to being a little more prepared with our littlest guy on the flight. :-)


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