Thursday, 17 April 2014

Things Thursday

Strange post title I know but to be honest I wasn't quite sure what to call this one.

Here are a few random tidbits from my day:

Went for a 5.5k run this morning at the early hour of 6 am. After I had been running for a little while, my run brought me into our town centre. There were already a few cars parked along the street and I glanced at them as I ran by (as you do). In one of the cars a man was in there completely naked!!! Umm...good morning sir, did you forget your clothes?! Weird!

I got my finger nails AND toe nails painted in hot pink Gelish in preparation for my little vacation. While I was getting them done I regaled my lovely nail guy with stories of strange things that have happened to me. He definitely thinks I am crazy ;-)

Went out shopping for a bathing suit for our vacation since I have gone down a size from last summer. Despite feeling much more fit these days, bathing suit shopping still sucks the life out of me and I wanted to run screaming from the dressing room. Why can't they make lights in dressing rooms more flattering? Also why can't they have suits for people in-between sizes?

Got two really nice skirts for warm weather. Love them!

Couldn't find any soft trendy-looking ballet flats in any store. Sorry but black, peach and odd plaid does not a fashionable shoe make. Maybe ballet flats are out. Have they been replaced by TOMs, which I also could not find in my search for some summer shoes.

Right, off to watch some more Orange is the New Black!

Have a good night. xx

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