Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekly Food & Fitness + Week in Review

Well, my dear blog readers it looks very much like I have taken almost an entire week off of blogging. Where have I been? I really don't have much of an answer, besides the fact that I had a bit of a stressful week and I really wasn't feelin' the blog writing thing. In short, I was feeling lazy! If I could have dictated to someone else I probably would have had some posts up last week but alas I have no such person to do those things ;-)

Dressed up Trist are you ready to take my blog post notes?
Despite it being a stressful week, it was also pretty busy which in my books makes for a good week. On Monday and Tuesday we met up with some friends for walks and chats. It was nice and the weather wasn't too bad so totally worth the walking, running (tracking down toys thrown from the prams), and jaw ache from constant chatting (lots of catching up!). On Wednesday the boys were in nursery so I got the usual errands and chores done and finished the day with a fantastic Pilates class. Thursday morning I went to my last Thursday spin class (the class has been cancelled but I'll be going on Tuesdays now!) then the day was filled with walks, and colouring activities. Friday morning I had my first meeting with a personal trainer at my gym (Awesome!! more on that later), later in the morning we ventured off with some friends to a new soft play area which was fab (small space meant the boys could run off and I could chat without constantly having to run around after them) and then we ended up at Ikea!

Please ignore hanging laundry and those 3 enormous boxes will become a lovely wardrobe!

We had family over last night and today was a family day but tonight will be spent tidying and starting to assemble a new wardrobe for the boys. 

This week's plan looks a little something like this:

Sunday- Skinny Chicken Stew with Toast
Monday- Chef Salad
Tuesday- Shepard's Pie with Parsnips
Wednesday- Chicken with Vegetables, Rice and Sauce
Thursday- Husband to cook!
Friday- Lasagna
Saturday- Something easy, not sure what yet

Sunday- Pilates
Monday- Run or Rest
Tuesday- Spin
Wednesday- Personal Training Group Class or Pilates
Thursday- Running Club
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Run

Running with Racheal

Have a good week!

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