Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A 4th Birthday Party!

As many of you may know this past Monday my little boy turned 4! I truly can't believe how time has flown by. When you first hold your baby in your arms, you can't even comprehend the fact that they are finally there with you, never mind that they will (soon) be 4! Yikes :)

Awesome Rachel Ellen Superhero Invites! 
Anyway, to celebrate the occasion he asked for a birthday party this year with some of his friends. We had yet to have a birthday party for him for several reasons but one of them was that he wasn't aware enough of the occasion to really ask for one, want one, or know he was missing out on one, etc... However this year, he knows who his friends are and he wanted to have them over to have a party, so we agreed.

Despite being excited for him to have his first birthday party, I was overwhelmed and slightly intimidated by the idea of it. We were going to be hosting it at our house and I wanted it to be just right. I was also nervous about meeting his friends' parents. I know I don't have to be friends with everyone but I haven't really met too many mums at the school drop-offs and it would be nice to have more friends in the area. I really know how to put the pressure on :/

The day of the party arrived with much planning and a couple of late nights colouring (after a few orders off ebay fell through). Saturday afternoon 5 children arrived at our house to party! We had a few party games like pass the parcel and 'pin the emblem on Batman' and then we had a craft 'make your own superhero mask' all of which I made up during many a late night! After the activities we had some snacks and cakes. Mainly the boys spent the afternoon running around playing both in and out of our house. My husband lead the boys in a game of football and I made sure hide and seek was not getting too crazy in the house!

Batman is really lopsided! Whoops.
The children's parents got to relax, have some tea and cakes and chat whilst the children had a running around. The best part was that at the end of the party, every single child was exhausted! I consider that a huge win (as did all the parents who got a lie in the following morning!).

Left over cakes (forgot to take photos the whole time!)
I'm glad that it was stress free, that it went smoothly, that the children had fun and were worn out, that the parents were all nice and relaxed, and most of all I'm glad that my big boy got his party just the way he wanted it! :)


  1. Aww! It sounds like a great party! I hope your boy had a happy birthday x

    1. Thanks Kim! It really was a great party. I see you are in the midst of a dino one! Good luck and let us know how it goes ;-) xx