Saturday, 14 March 2015

Up-cycling Old Into Chic

So it is a pretty well know thing, that I'm not completely crafty although there are times that I fool people (like at my son's 4th birthday party where I made a children's craft, batman game, buns and a few other fun bits and bobs), so mainly I get creative when I can with what I can.

Recently, in my attempt at a compete house declutter I found a few items that I immediately put into the 'nice but never going to use' bin pile. Two of these items were:

  • an old biscuit tin (I got this ages ago in a tea set and I used to let the boys roll it around when they were that weird?!) and 
  • an old pitcher for drinks (it was so narrow it didn't actually hold much and I have other pitchers that do the job a lot better, but it was pretty). 

However then I got to thinking, even though these things are kind of junky, could I still use them. Obviously my husband told me to stop being odd and throw the darn things out but I had a brain wave and now they are pretty important items in our house! :)

It's funny how it happened but around the same time as the declutter I realised that I was desperate for a new place to store my make-up brushes. You know, the ones that simply fall out of your make-up bag whilst first getting everything covered in blusher or the little ones that just fall to the bottom of a bag never to be seen again...well, I need a new place for these so that I had them to hand, they were in a more sterile environment and so that they weren't constantly falling on the floor. Ah yes, my old biscuit tin! Perfect!

Additionally, about a month ago I wanted to buy one of those beautiful white pitchers for spring flowers you know the ones I mean, everyone has them and they are gorgeous full of tulips, daffodils or lilacs in the spring. However, as I picked one up and put it in my cart at the shop I realised I didn't need that white pitcher I pitcher for drinks that was at the bottom of my bin pile! Score!

So there you have it. With a bit of imagination and a little cleaning these two things, nice but destined for the bin, became beautiful, useful house hold helpers.

Have you up-cycled anything recently? What was it? How did it work out?

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