Monday, 9 March 2015

Decluttering Part 2

Hurray! I have finally finished my house declutter! I am so happy and thankful that that little (big) project is over. In place of the clutter however, I now have a pile of things to sell. It is a little overwhelming but if I am patient I think I will get a little bit of spending money and a clean house. If it all goes wrong, then it is just one more trip to a charity shop and/or the dump.

To sell!
Most of the house was pretty easy to declutter but the master bedroom was a mess. It took me a whole weekend to get that room cleared out. Now that it is done I am looking forward to getting it redecorated and making it into a comfy oasis. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for awhile as we'll need to save up. In the meantime however, I'll begin to work on other little projects that need doing around the house and keep a list going of the bigger wishlist things ;)

So clean and tidy! 
Now to get signed into Ebay...:)

Anyone else spring cleaning or having a declutter? How's it going? 

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