Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Organization

Aaah, so sorry this post is late. Typed up this am and then rushed off to FREEZING cold beach! 

Good morning! It is a beautiful day here today! I can't believe it, what is this bright glowing thing in the sky??...The SUN :-) I was planning on getting some laundry done, food shopping, and a few other admin tasks but due to the unexpected sunny day we are going off on a family day to the coast. Yay! But before we head out I thought I'd do a quick blog post with my meal plan and fitness plan for this week.

Sunday- Fish and Chips on the beach! (special treat)
Monday- Salisbury Steaks with mash and peas (this was on for last week but didn't get to it due to the dreaded flu)
Tuesday- Stuffed Peppers in the slow cooker
Wednesday- Ziti with Meatballs
Thursday- Santa Fe Chicken in the slow cooker (from Skinny Taste
Friday- Soup (still to be decided) and baguette
Saturday-Left overs

Sunday- Run at least 3k and Pilates
Monday- Rest day
Tuesday- Swim 900m (had to miss swimming last week due to flu)
Wednesday- Rest day
Thursday- Spinning and Running Club
Friday- Rest (or possibly another run at least 3.5k)
Saturday- Walk

I have linked up with Running with Racheal again this week!

Running with Racheal

Now that I have my new slow cooker I am on the look out for some good and healthy recipes. Any good ones you know of? 

Back soon with update on my run and potty training (I promise)! 


  1. I hope you had a great day at the beach! Once again - I need to swim! Ha!

    1. Swimming seemed hard for me to get back into after about 3 months off, but it is worth it! I will hopefully be doing an aqualathon (like a triathalon but minus the bike event) again this summer so got to keep at it ;-)