Wednesday, 21 May 2014

5 Reasons Why I Love The Gym

A lot of the friends I have spoken to about my current exercise program recently think I am crazy! Some of the responses I get are: 'You wake up at what time?' 'Why don't you sleep in?' 'What are you training for?' 'You don't need to lose weight.'

So, to answer these questions: Usually about 6am. Because I want to be fit and healthy (although yes, I would love for a lie in!). I am currently not really in training for anything, although I do have the 5k Race for Life coming up the end of next month. Finally, I actually do still want to lose a little weight to get me back to my pre-second baby weight.

 The below however, are my main reasons for heading to the gym these days:

1) The gym is like its own little world. There are no windows in my gym (which at first I thought might make me feel claustrophobic, but really it doesn't) so you are really focused on what you are doing in that moment. My gym is also pretty new (it got a refurbishment in Dec.) and all the equipment, facilities and rooms feel good to be in (not worn out, sweaty and smelly).

2) I love the music! I usually bring my iPod shuffle with me but when I am there for spin or personal training I just listen to what the trainers have provided. We have similar tastes in music and I love the feeling that I am at a night club but without the inevitable creepy guy, having to find a babysitter and with the benefits of getting fit!

3) I like the stress relief a good workout brings. When I first started working out seriously I was at university and although I was working out to get rid of the 'Freshman 15', I found that it also helped me to combat the stresses of 3 jobs, classes, projects, exams, relationship issues, etc... I still feel a major stress relief when I workout.

4) I feel strong. I certainly have days where I think 'I can not move.' I have lazy days and worn out days just like everyone. But when I am at the gym I feel strong. I can lift my oldest son's weight (about 36lbs) over my shoulders and do walking lunges around the room. I can do dead-lifts and squats all with at least 30lbs added weight and then still run intervals after. I can even almost do a pull-up!! Gym time is a time I push myself and I don't feel lazy or weak (even if I am a little tired from the early morning alarm).

5) Finally, when I am working out at the gym I feel like my self. A workout at the gym is one of only a few things that I do for myself (although it does ultimate affect everyone in my life). It is familiar (something I have been doing in some form or another since high school) and it centres me when I need it. It makes me breath deeply, release tension and focus on what is good in my life without all the pressures of life being there with me.

Do you have a favourite activity that makes you feel good? 

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