Monday, 26 May 2014

A Camping We Will Go...

A little bit of rain could not stop us. Oh ok,  torrential downpours and the cold couldn't stop us! On Friday evening we headed down to Rutland to go camping for the weekend with 4 other couples and their children. 

As always we were slightly less prepared for the trip than I would have liked but once we figured out where we were headed and what the camp-site was like I was able to become a packing ninja and have us ready to go in about 2 hours (and bonus, I only forgot to pack two things: Will's swimming trunks and Frankie's pjs) not too bad ;-) 

Snug as bugs in the car on our way camping!
We arrived at the camp-site at around 7pm and got the tent set up in no time. It was lovely to catch up with our friends who we don't get to see often and enjoy a nice warm camp fire. The following day we were greeted by a down pour. We ventured out of the tents to get some hot chocolate and chat and then some of the group headed off to a maze whilst others headed back for naps (that would be us!). Later we met up with some of the later arrivals to the camp site to do a bit of bird watching (we spotted the elusive Osprey...exciting!). 
I spy an Osprey mummy!
The trip was full of the usual camp things: camp fires, bbqs, walks (when the weather allowed), boat trips/wind surfing, the children playing with each other and various toys, etc... 

Blurry camp fire shot...whoops!
Although it was great to catch up, the first camping trip of the year was just a little bit too soggy for my liking. I also realized that my hiking boots are no longer water proof so it looks like a new pair will be in order before our next hike or camping trip. Should have brought my wellies instead :-( 

As for camping with the boys, well this was our third trip so we are getting better at packing and knowing what kind of things to do to entertain them. They get so excited about putting up the tent and sleeping outside that they tend to listen to what we say for fear the trip will be put to an early end. They eat bbq food and like doing the outdoor activities with the other children but sleeping is still a bit of an issue. The boys just get so excited about everything camp related that they just can't be convinced to settle down. I suppose it doesn't help that the sun is usually still up and shining through the tent when their bed time arrives (yes, even with the rain inside the tent was still bright enough to keep them up)! 

Making funny noises in the tent while the rain comes down.
So here's to another great camping trip with hopes that the next one will be a little bit more sunny and a lot less soggy! 

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