Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Late Weekly Food & Fitness Plan

Sorry to have disappeared again but it was a long weekend (bank holiday) over here and we got a bit busy! I also now have a cold or flu due to lack of sleep. I am actually pretty certain now that whenever I have not had at least 6 hours sleep in two consecutive nights I get sick. I try to avoid that but sometimes you just have to take what life throws at ya ;-) 

Anyway, we had a fab weekend! We spent Saturday on a walk with hopes of a picnic (but the weather had other plans). Sunday was spent out doing some house work and visiting with Grandma and Grandad. Monday was spent making dens and recovering from the rest of the busy weekend. 

Climbing a giant tree stump

Throwing things in the pond

So trying to get back on track after vacations and long weekends...here is my plan for the week!

Sunday- Lamb Tagine
Monday- Lasagna
Tuesday- Chicken Curry
Wednesday- Thai Beef Salad
Thursday- Shepard's Pie with Broccoli
Friday- Salmon with Pasta
Saturday- TBD

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Running club (5.15k)
Tuesday- Spinning
Wednesday- Group Personal Training
Thursday- Running club (possibly another group training session)
Friday- Personal Training
Saturday- Run or Rest

Have a great week! 

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