Monday, 19 May 2014

Growing Up Milk Info Pottery Party

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in 'The North' and both Frankie and I were pretty excited to jump in the car and drive into Manchester for the GUMI Pottery Party!

We didn't really know what to expect, especially as this was our first ever blogger meet up event but I had looked up the venue Minikin Emporium (which I knew nothing about) and looked up the Growing Up Milk site (which I knew a little about) so I felt pretty good in thinking this would be a great afternoon! The event organiser was Frank PR and I didn't need to do much investigation into them as I had done some interning with them about 9 years ago!!

We arrived early and were greeted by Katy and Laurence from Frank PR and Claire from Minikin Emporium. They were all very nice and filled us in on the afternoons' itinerary, which was mainly to have fun painting our mugs! We could do that ;-)  Unfortunately, Frankie was a little bit grumpy so he wasn't off to a good start. I think it might have been the fact that he had fallen asleep in the hot car (despite all windows being open!!) on the way into Manchester. Heat and exhaustion do not a pleasant little boy make ;-)

We got painting right away. Minikin Emporium had provided some T-shirts for painting (no paint on clothes = good idea & a happy mummy), paint, paint brushes and most important a mug to paint. Frankie found the blue paint and was from then on pretty happy!

Whilst we were painting Katy from Frank PR came round to speak to all of us and I was surprised to find that this was the very first blogger event put on by Frank PR up North! She talked with us all about Growing Up Milk who hosted the event and I definitely came away with more knowledge on the brand and how they are committed to helping us parents provide the right vitamins and nutrients for our little ones!

The Growing Up Milk Info website is a great source of information on toddler nutrition, so if you are struggling (like I am) to get your toddler eating their greens then definitely check it out.

The day ran smoothly and everyone was so lovely! Thank you again to everyone at Growing Up Milk, Minikin Emporium in Manchester and Frank PR!


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