Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Faves- 30 May 2014

Well, we have officially made it through another horribly rainy week here in Yorkshire. I am really not sure how much more rain I can take, although I am starting to come up with some really good indoor activities for the boys now, so at least I can be prepared!

We didn't get up to a lot due to the weather and things being busy with children on school half term breaks (soft play areas get sooo busy), but we kept out of trouble and had a bit of fun while we were at it!

Here are some of my faves from the week:
1) My new kicks! Trying out Saucony for the first time ever. I am normally a Nike/Asics girl but these Saucony are comfy and look pretty good too!

2) Sausage pasta...totally should have taken a photo of the real deal, but I was so hungry I forgot. This pasta is amazing and the whole family just gobbled it down.

3) Catch up TV. This really makes us sound like TV fanatics, we really aren't but there are so many good programmes on at the minute we just can't keep up. Some of our choices: 24 Live Another Day, Boss, Wallander, & Fargo.

4) Finishing off 2 weeks of strength training on my own while my trainer is livin' it up in Mexico and completing (tomorrow) my 30k in May challenge! I only have 3.36k left and I was planning on running at least a 5k tomorrow so I should break 30k! BTW pull up challenge is going strong. I think I can do one whole proper pull up now but want my trainer to check my form (exciting!).

RunKeeper, keeping me accountable for doing my runs.

5) Frankie and Dylan being so enthusiastic for walking, running and wrestling all day long! I am so happy that my boys enjoy being active and this week not only were they active but they were requesting walks and runs...the wrestling is part and parcel of having boys (I think!).

Wrestling with Daddy (even Tristan got involved)!
That's it for today. Hope you all have a lovely weekend (sun please come out!).

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