Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Everyone Has Bad Days

Yesterday was not my best day. It started off really well when I woke up at 6 am to hit the gym for a solo strength training workout. That's right 6 am on a Monday morning! Yay me!  :)

That however was the best bit.

I got home to my almost two year old's howling. A temper tantrum that lasted pretty consistently throughout the entire day. Don't worry he let up a little when I gave him a biscuit. That was when my 3 year old piped in with a tantrum. Ok, I knew what it was, they both woke up at 5 am so they were tired. I cuddled with them both and put them down for naps.

Well, this guy eventually crashed out!

One hour of quiet...when I tidied a bit and did some laundry.

They were awake again. Crying again. No worries, lunch time. They both quietly ate lunch and then started up again. So I gave them both a biscuit. You get the idea. This carried on until supper time. Then there was fighting in the bath. Finally, they both crashed out under the covers at 8 pm! Phew.

I went downstairs to discover the biscuit tin empty. No supper cooked for me and my husband as I caved in and gave the boys a small portion of frozen pizza instead of cooking a family meal. No food in the house, no cheques deposited, no library books returned and no fun activities enjoyed because I just couldn't get out of the house with my two tantrum crazed boys.

Not every day is perfect. I still love both my little superheroes and sent them both to bed with big hugs and kisses.  Today will be a better day! :)

My two superheroes! 
Anyone else have a day like this recently?

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