Friday, 11 July 2014

Off Camping

Hello strangers! I know, I know I keep going off and leaving my blog completely cold and alone ;)

This week has been a boring but crazy one. We didn't really have a lot planned but in the end a lot went on. We spent some time recovering from our weekends away (laundry, napping, etc...) and also getting used to the new schedule of the week with Daddy having started his new job. Additionally, I didn't have a full day Wednesday to myself as I normally do as we had Will's family over for a BBQ so I picked the boys up at 2pm to be at home for that. What a difference it made to only have half a day!

Hopefully this time our view of the camp fire won't be so blurry!
So, today I am busy packing us up for yet another camping trip! Hopefully this time the weather will hold up for us. We'll be seaside but I'm not counting on any swimming or proper beach days ;)

Our tent!

So with that said I probably will be sans internet until quite late on Sunday night. With any luck I'll be back on Monday and will resume regular blogging! We are away next weekend too though, so hopefully I won't slip back into the abyss!

Have a fab weekend and see you back here Monday!

Are you up to anything exciting this weekend? 

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