Monday, 21 July 2014

Food & Fitness 20th July 2014

Back from another busy weekend! It was a fantastic one though meeting up with friends that we haven't seen in awhile. It was also a bit of a miracle having 11 adults and 11 children under 5 all in one place! :) The weather report called for rain but we were lucky and it had all past by mid morning.

My boys!
On our way home from visiting friends we made a few pit stops; one at a RC air-plane fair and the other at Clumber Park (a National Trust park). The plane bit was exciting for the boys (and especially Daddy) and the park was beautiful and fun to run around and get some energy out.

Real plane in hanger.
We arrived home late last night and all fell right into bed.

This week is supposed to be a scorcher here so we may have to play our eating and fitness by ear but here's the tentative plan:

Sunday- Chicken & Vegetable Soup
Monday- Salmon Fish Cakes with Salad
Tuesday- BBQ Kebabs with Veg and Salad
Wednesday- Home-made Chicken Curry with Rice
Thursday- Pasta Salad
Friday- Sandwiches (or something quick as we'll be going out that night)
Saturday- TBD

Sunday- Active Rest; Walking around Clumber Park
Monday- Might try and get some strength training or a run in tonight otherwise Rest!
Tuesday- Spinning
Wednesday- Group Training
Thursday-Running Club (5+ k depending on my knee)
Friday- Strength Training
Saturday- Rest

Running with Racheal

Hope you all have a good week!

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