Monday, 14 July 2014

Food & Fitness 13th July 2014

Hello! Well we are back from yet another rainy camping trip! It wasn't all bad but there were two massive thunder, lightening and torrential downpour sessions that just about had me swearing off camping for life. I will have to think seriously before we book our next camping trip that's all I'm sayin'!! ;)

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the trip. Which is a real shame because on the one nice day we had the view from our camping spot was amazing! We could actually see the ocean from our tent! What happened was this: I lost my phone/camera at the beginning of the trip and thought I'd thrown it out. :( I was really upset about it and although I looked for my phone with all the panic of rain things were everywhere so I thought I'd either find it at some point or it was really gone.

As luck would have it, when we got home I found it!

While mummy was cleaning the boys were dressing up or down?!
Anyway, luckily no more camping for us for awhile. Phew! But our upcoming weekends will be just as busy.

Here is the plan for this week (of laundry and sorting damp camp gear out...blah!).

Sunday- Tomato & Marscapone Soup with Toast
Monday- One Pot Pasta (loving this right now!)
Tuesday- Breakfast for Dinner
Wednesday- Thai Chicken Curry with Rice
Thursday- Greek kebabs with Salad
Friday- TBD
Saturday- BBQ at a friend's place (we're bringing a dessert!)

Sunday- Nothing (unless you include running like a maniac to get out of the rain!)
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Spin
Wednesday- Group Training
Thursday- Short Run
Friday- Strength Training
Saturday- Rest Day (away at friend's)

Running with Racheal

So there you have it. I am really hoping that my knee holds up this week as I am getting really desperate to get back into the gym and running again. I felt like I was really getting somewhere and then I had a few weeks off and don't feel as good. Fingers crossed!


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  1. I too have had many "camping in the rain" experiences. No more tents for this girl! Ha! I hope you have a good (restful) week sweetie!