Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Faves 18th July 2014

Ah, another Friday! I hope that you all had a lovely week.

This weekend will prove to be another fun but busy one. I am so looking forward to it! We are headed down south to visit some friends we haven't seen in about 7 months (at least).

I had originally planned a girlie night out to catch up before one of my friends had her baby, but she had her baby very early at 29 weeks (they are both ok thank goodness) and so she ended up dropping out (she had a fab reason though, little baby boy went home from hospital this week!!). Then, as it turns out I ended up not being able to make it to the girlie night as my husband just started up a new contract and couldn't leave work early enough for me to get down in time :(
However, one of my clever friends had already booked a BBQ for all (husbands and children included) for the next day since we'd all be down anyway! Long story short we're going to make the BBQ!

After a busy week I am ready to chill with some friends and have a few drinks! Can't wait!

But until then, here are my 5 Friday Faves:

1) A new way to eat cereal ;) Out of a plastic egg of course...

2) A new protein drink (more on this to come!). Upbeat.

3) 15 more days till we fly home to the States! The count down has begun :)

4) Wine! In this lovely warm weather we have been having a nice cold glass of white has gone down nicely in the evenings (although I have run out so it might be red tonight).

Our favourite Merlot with pizza!
5) Running. My knee seems to be back in order (knock on wood!). I ran a successful and slow 5k last night, although not without a debacle in the nettles and brambles (I am still sore and swollen today)...don't ask! ;)

Have a fab weekend!

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