Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fitness Update

Ok, so I have definitely been alluding to the fact that my personal trainer may or may not have broken up with me! But as it turns out I was just having a paranoid moment in our relationship (I think!). Since I have been doing really well with my training and my measurements have shown a definite improvement my trainer wanted to give me a new programme and then leave me for a couple of weeks to see how I could get on on my own. She told me that part of her job was making sure her clients could not only strength train on their own (to their own ability) but to even create their own plans. She feels that she should empower us to be our own boss and be there when we need her. I like that idea, but honestly the reason I go to a personal trainer is because I need someone to hold me accountable.

Anyway, it is not the break up I feared it may be so I am feeling better. I will do a couple weeks without her and see how I feel. I will probably then make notes on what I think I need more work on. Then when we meet up again I'll be able to better define my fitness goals with her.

In other fitness news, I ran the Race for Life 5k on Sunday. I had high hopes for not only getting a PR for the race, but for a race full of great atmosphere. Unfortunately, the race and I got off on the wrong foot. Firstly, my car started to break down a bit on the way into the park the race was being held in. The traffic was wild and it took us all about an hour to drive 1 mile into the park. The guy behind me was in a bad mood so started beeping and just generally being road ragey with me.

Upon arrival at the park there were literally about a million people there (well really the number was more like 3,000, but you know...) and I was late for the race. It wasn't that well organised so after finally finding a volunteer I found out the 5k race had started about 10 minutes before and I then had to stand in a queue behind the walkers for 10 more minutes before crossing the starting line.

The course was muddy and full of brambles. There were screaming children and dogs and dog pooh everywhere. The first 1k had two massive hills in it. I found it impossible to pass all the walkers and nearly gave up. I persisted and in the last kilometre had finally caught up with the runners!

I didn't get a PR and ended up with a thorn in my knee (which I still can't get out) and bleeding legs. I also didn't feel as good about my run because lets face it part of running for me is to have a break from dogs poohing and children screaming and getting underfoot. So, next year I won't be running the Race for Life but I might walk it with family or friends or at least send a donation as I do believe in the cause.

Sorry for the slightly hairy leg photo...just some of my bramble injuries.

I think this was a turning point for me. I am confident that I now need to be running 10k races and on proper courses with people who want to run. So, I have signed up for a 10k taking place in August in addition to the one I'm already signed up to in November. 10k here I come!

I guess at this point you could say that I am at a turning point in both my running fitness as well as my strength training. I am feeling confident! I am looking forward to my fitness development and discoveries in the next few weeks. As always, I'll keep you posted.

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